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5 Reasons to / NOT to Buy Ford Escape 2015

I’ll give it to you right away: it’s money! If your SUV budget is budget, love Ford in spite of its many recent recalls, wouldn’t mind owning a compact crossover, okay with the fact that Ford Escape has an average resale value, then the Ford Escape 2015 is the right choice for you. Read on!

In its third generation, after a total redo in 2012, the 2015 Ford Escape (base model costs $22.5K) is again one of the contending picks in the compact crossover utility vehicle market. A true World car, its performance, fuel efficiency, agile handling and high tech features set it apart from the competition.

Although few competitors give it a run for its money, a few do, and deciding which one is right for you will be easier if you know a more about this little SUV. Little has changed between the this and 2014’s model, and U.S. News & World Report ranks the Ford Escape 2015 fourth of its 23 affordable compact crossover SUV’s.

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10 Reasons To Buy The Honda CRV 2015

The 2015 Honda CRV has not undergone a complete makeover. Yet this year’s refresh has been so significant that the CR-V has garnered rave reviews. The 2015 edition has been ranked Number One among Affordable Compact SUVs by US News and World Reports.

Motor Trend has chosen the Honda CRV 2015 to be their Number One SUV of the year as well. It had to be real tough to make it to the top of a list that includes 21 world-renowned competitors.

What makes this one so special? The new Honda CR-V offers a winning combination that adds up to a good buy, whether you opt for the well-equipped base edition or the Touring trim.

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icflix, Streaming Videos in The Middle East

IN the past, the viewer was the passive part of the TV-deal. He / she used to accept whatever the TV-station has to offer him / her. When the Satellites started offering more alternatives, that model didn’t change much. Enter the internet and that scenario has been totally changed.

Now, the viewer has the upper hand, he now has online services ready to help him watch whatever he wants or chooses. In the Middle East, the viewer has icflix.

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Main Reasons For Not Shopping Online

Holiday shoppers are not shopping online as one would expect. During the 2013 holiday season, US online sales surged 9%, while shopping at physical stores was up by just 2 percent, when compared to 2012 figures.

According to research firm comScore, during the two-month season that ends on New Year’s Eve, shoppers spent $9 in physical stores, and only $1 online.

Why? Online stores still didn’t fully solve many of the problems that made shoppers avoid buying online completely. Below, I list the main reasons for not shopping online, according to surveys and researches.

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Interviewing Yasmine Mustafa

Yasmine Mustafa is a Kuwaiti / American entrepreneur, whom the Iraqi incursion on Kuwait in 1990 forced her out of her country at the age of 8. She landed in the US, where she couldn’t speak the language, with so few number of relatives and friends.

Her life changed dramatically afterwards. She had work to help the family, and then to support herself, till she became and American citizen, started her first company which she then sold before she turned 30 and kept on doing that, and now, she is roaming the world, while she prepares for her next project, ROAR. Read on.

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Use Power Stories, Not Plain About Us Pages

When I’m asked to review websites and online stores, I usually start by checking the About Us page. Many times I’ve found it to be full of dull boring text, if not totally empty. This is a wrong start to online marketing. Your About Us page should tell a powerful story, a story that will get the reader hooked, your brand remembered, and your values admired.

Put simply, Power Stories are those that will turn prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans. Many business owners make the same mistake, they get caught up telling the world about their services and qualifications, when they should focus on the benefits a customer will get as a result of using their product or service.

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10 Tips For a High Converting Landing Page

What is a ‘landing page‘ anyway? In online marketing terminology, a landing page is a single webpage on any given website, that appears to a user who clicked on a search engine optimized search result or an online ad / banner.

The landing page is expected to show sales copy which complements the shown ad, search result or text link. The main purpose of any landing page is to convert website visitors into sales or leads. For example, a squeeze page is a special landing page aimed solely at collecting emails addresses from subscribers.

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