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Interview: Tarek ElMoukachar, Dubai PR Expert

Less than ten years ago, while I was working for a tech publication, I received an email from a new PR guy who was at that time representing Microsoft Xbox. To my astonishment, and as I discovered later on after meeting him face to face and running through thorough interrogations by yours truly, he knew a lot about videogames, and he was a hardcore gamer not a fake one. When I asked him about anything, he would get to the bottom of it or simply say I don’t know. I always liked to work with a PR man whom I can trust and rely on. His name is…

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Interview: Real Gold Debit Cards, from Aurae

The question “why not issue bespoke MasterCard’s made out of solid gold” had to be answered one day, and someone did answer it. Below, I interview a serial entrepreneur who created a new meaning for a Gold Debit Card, two meanings in fact, 14 carat and 18 carat. Without further ado, let’s read from the man himself.

Q: Please introduce yourself to the readers.

My name is Christopher Scanlon, and I have been a serial entrepreneur for the last 16 years. Financial services and luxury experiences have been a passion of mine and Aurae is the culmination of these passions.

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Rolling Back From Windows 10 to 7 / 8.1

By now, many of the Windows users have fallen to Microsoft generous offer of free upgrading to the latest Windows 10, and if you had done so; congratulations to you. But did you know that if you are among the few that feels the latest operating system by Microsoft is not to your liking, you can rollback to your used-and-trusted previous version of Windows from Windows 10?

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2016 Renault Captur Proud Owner Review

I was persuaded by the wife to buy her a new car which should be a crossover but I had to put my foot down and say yes dear. Once I was persuaded with a few tears (and threats), we began short-listing cars based on budget, features, looks, safety, etc. and by researching online forums, manufacturers websites, pre-owned car reviews and such. The criteria we gave highest ratings were:

1. Fuel; economy because I’m a casual tree hugger
2. Safety; because we want to live a little longer
3. Budget; because that holiday in Switzerland
4. Looks; because the status quo
5. Luxury; Features for passengers other than us

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10 Reasons To Buy the Nissan Rogue / X-Trail

If you are looking for a reasonably-priced small crossover, there are at least ten reasons to go Rogue. The Nissan Rogue is working hard to gain ground against heavy hitters like the best-selling Honda CR-V. In fact, it gained size, a more handsome exterior, and a better interior in its last update. Nissan is playing to its strengths with this vehicle, emphasizing comfort, versatility, technology, safety features, and fuel economy. If you aren’t in North America, you’ll know the Nissan Rogue by another name, the X-Trail. These similar crossovers offer most of the same features.

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Which is better: 4WD vs AWD vs FWD vs RWD

The question remains without a clear answer, which is better awd or fwd? To reach the correct answer, you need to know first about Drivetrains. Drivetrains aren’t as popular a topic as engines. After all, you can compare engines just by looking at horsepower and torque output. Yet car buyers should think about the drivetrain before they set foot in a showroom.

The type of drivetrain that suits their needs may not suit the vehicle they plan to buy. If you walk into a dealership with all-wheel drive on your mind, they will be glad to sell you this expensive option. The question is: do you need it?

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To Buy or Not To Buy a 4K / UHD TV

If you are considering buying a new television soon, then you are in good company. Televisions are considered a paramount to modern-day life, serving as one of a primary sources for daily entertainment, and thousands of millions of television purchases are made every year. Shopping for a new television can be cumbersome, indeed.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. We’ll give you the main features to look at when shopping for a Ultra High Definition/ 4K T.V. set. Simply put, 4K UHD TV sets are the televisions of the future. The screens have about 4 thousand pixels (exactly (3840×2160 pixels or 8.29 megapixels, which is four times as many pixels as 1920×1080), which means that the images displayed are now crisper than ever. It is expected that with the price drop of a considerable number of models, more people will own such T.V.s and that they will become the golden standard for television sets.

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Motor Shows Around The World

Unlike the U.S. where prestigious motor shows are annual events, most European and Asian cities host their largest motor shows biannually. Still they are just as big in scope and excitement. Each has its roots in the auto industry that originated in that country, but all transcend their original purpose, displaying the best automotive products from around the globe. More than just cars, these shows are all about the latest technologies and the most cutting-edge designs, inside and out.

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