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Family-Friendly Dubai Restaurants To Consider

Dubai is the perfect place for people looking for spending their times partying, having fun, and going wild in the lively nightlife atmosphere of Dubai Restaurants. Yet we also need to remember that Dubai is a perfect place for family gatherings. A lot of outdoor activities can be enjoyed with the family, whether you’re going out on safari adventures, watching movies, or casually going to the family atmospheric restaurants in Dubai.

We have compiled a list of some family-friendly Dubai restaurants to consider. We selected them based on the feedback provided by the chaps at, the online restaurants reservations website in Dubai.

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Ten Reasons to Buy the 2016 Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson has new shape, again! Well, for those who joined the Hyundai bandwagon recently and who may not know the Tucson SUV, it’s also called as the ix35. Oh, the C is silent, in case you were wondering how to pronounce Tucson.

When it comes to reasons to recommend this crossover, you’ll find that its positives revolve around comforts and technology. Its negatives will be detailed in detail in a coming post but mainly it’s not as powerful as drivers would like it to be. For now, let’s discuss the top reasons that would make anyone buy the Hyundai Tucson 2016.

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Interview: Alexander McNabb, About PR & Arabia

For anyone who is into the Public Relations scene in UAE in general, and Dubai in particular, Alexander McNabb will be a familiar name. He is so active on social media channels, many PR companies mention him on their Twitter accounts. Dubai Radios will have him as a guest or call him for a comment. He also consults for Spot On PR agency as well as other clients. It was time to hear straight from Alexander McNabb on Wajeez. Prepare to be amazed with some PR informed tips and opinions.

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Top 5 Power Banks to Buy for My Mobile Phone

The search for the best power bank for our mobile phones doesn’t have to be a painful one. There are quite a few different models available and a similar amount of factors to consider. How many times would the power bank charge my phone / tablet / iPad before it dies, how heavy is it, is it water-proof, shock-resistance, etc.? To save you from this headache, we’ve searched high and low and came back with our list of the top 5 power banks to help you make the right choice. All of those power banks – except one – are between $15-20, too!

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Anyone and everyone who has been to Dubai will swear by its beautiful sandy beaches, its wide variety of cuisines, its luxurious malls with endless shopping options and the many entertaining activities and adventures that they have tried and enjoyed. However, only residents of Dubai, who chose to build a life and work full time in Dubai, understand the real hardships of living there and how these hardships could take a toll on their lives.

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Interview: Tarek ElMoukachar, Dubai PR Expert

Less than ten years ago, while I was working for a tech publication, I received an email from a new PR guy who was at that time representing Microsoft Xbox. To my astonishment, and as I discovered later on after meeting him face to face and running through thorough interrogations by yours truly, he knew a lot about videogames, and he was a hardcore gamer not a fake one. When I asked him about anything, he would get to the bottom of it or simply say I don’t know. I always liked to work with a PR man whom I can trust and rely on. His name is…

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Interview: Real Gold Debit Cards, from Aurae

The question “why not issue bespoke MasterCard’s made out of solid gold” had to be answered one day, and someone did answer it. Below, I interview a serial entrepreneur who created a new meaning for a Gold Debit Card, two meanings in fact, 14 carat and 18 carat. Without further ado, let’s read from the man himself.

Q: Please introduce yourself to the readers.

My name is Christopher Scanlon, and I have been a serial entrepreneur for the last 16 years. Financial services and luxury experiences have been a passion of mine and Aurae is the culmination of these passions.

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Rolling Back From Windows 10 to 7 / 8.1

By now, many of the Windows users have fallen to Microsoft generous offer of free upgrading to the latest Windows 10, and if you had done so; congratulations to you. But did you know that if you are among the few that feels the latest operating system by Microsoft is not to your liking, you can rollback to your used-and-trusted previous version of Windows from Windows 10?

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