The day I got my Termination Letter

By: // On 25 May 2010 // in Biz

Like many others, I thought it won’t happen to me, but it did, I was made redundant. The project assigned to me was “put to sleep”, pending global economy recovery. To mark that day, I’m posting a copy of my termination letter, to remind myself always not to rely too long on a job, and to always work on creating passive income resources to save me from getting another letter like that.

My Termination Letter, a note to self.

My Termination Letter, a note to self.

Writing a Termination Letter on your behalf

What the heck, the most searched-for keyword leading many readers to this old page is: Termination Letter and so I want to try a small experiment here.Bear with me please.

Looking for someone to write a Job / Service / Employee Termination Letter ?

Are you looking for a sample for a Job Termination Letter or an Employee Termination Letter Sample, a Termination of Service letter? How about you send me all the details of the employee that you need to terminate his / her services, and I’ll write a similar termination letter like the one above with the updated details, and save you the physiological burden of writing such a devastating letter for $19.99 paid via PayPal.

Contact me here and give it a shot.


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