Top 5 places to visit in Dubai

By: // On 26 July 2010 // in Lifestyle, Travel

Dubai has secured a renowned reputation for being the tourist’s and shopper’s paradise. As of 2007, Dubai was the 8th most visited city of the world, and is also considered to be the shopping capital of the Middle East. Dubai alone has more than 70 shopping malls, including the world’s 7th largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall. If you ever find yourself visiting Dubai, you better make sure to secure the needed time to visit those 5 icons of Dubai, you won’t regret it!

1- Burj Al Arab Hotel
Considered one of the most expensive hotels in the world (the Royal Suite costs over $18,000 a night!!), and is the fourth tallest hotel in the world. Many tourists have found the exterior of Burj Al Arab hotel to outdo the interior, which resemblances the interior of Trump Tower. The free public beach near the hotel is a good location for taking souvenir photos with the hotel in the background.

2- Burj Khalifa
Formally known as the Burj Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is officially the tallest building in the world right now. Over 800 meters tall (2625 feet, 160+ stories), Burj Khalifa holds lots of world records. The observation deck on the 124th floor is a must see, just make sure to book it during sun set, so you can see Dubai in the day and in the night. Mind you reach the deck takes on average 15-30 minutes!

3- Dubai Mall
The world’s largest shopping mall (based on total area) is actually part of the Burj Khalifa complex, and hosts 1,200 over shops. At 6pm, the outside musical dancing fountain show starts, and is then repeated every 20 minutes up until 10pm. A must see!

4- Madinat Jumeirah Resort
The largest resort in Dubai is designed to resemble a traditional Arabian town. Inside the souk awaits the Abra (=ferry) tour, one of the romantic activities in Dubai, spanning over waterways that link the different areas of the resort. The views are amazing and the tour lasts usually around 25 minutes.

5- Dubai Gold Souk
Spanning over 300 small traditional shops, selling all kind of jewelry, the souk is located in the heart of eastern Dubai. Next to it awaits the perfume and spice souk. Those souks are open air and they can become very hot during the days of summer, and many shops close in the middle of the day.

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