[Guest Post] 10 Stress Reduction Techniques

By: // On 3 October 2010 // in Guest Posts, Lifestyle, Tech

Danial Hurley is a health care expert who has done specializes studies about alternative medicine like meditation, and he writes about them in meditate.com.au/blog. He has compiled 10 methods that can help anyone to fight back stress after a stressful day or job! He starts by saying:

Stress is a state that people acquire by doing house chores, office tasks and other daily activities. Even taking care of children can be a stressful job. On top of this, many studies show that stress is a major factor that can lead to different types of mental and physical problems. Therefore, getting rid or managing your stress is very essential. Doing so will allow you to prevent heart ailments, digestive problems, depression, obesity and other health problems from developing. Listed below is a list of the top 10 stress reduction techniques.

1- Identify the sources of your stress, and if you can, do your best to avoid them.

2- It will greatly help you to reduce stress if you eat right. This means that you need to consume ample amount of fresh vegetables, seafood and meat. It is also a good idea to stay away from junk foods and canned goods. Also, instead of drinking coffee, you can minimize it to just one or two cups per day and just drink tea, which is also a good source of antioxidants.

3- Take relaxing baths every time you feel stressed. Fill you tub with warm water and use scented candles and lavender scented soap. While you’re taking a bath, close the light. This can help make this second technique more effective.

4 – Go out with your family or friends during weekends. You can spend a day at the beach or go out with friends for coffee or tea.

5 – Talking to someone about the sources of stress in your life can help reduce your stress. So when you spend time with people you trust, be sure to talk to them intimately.

6 – Watch comedy. Watching movies or sitcoms that are funny can help take your mind off of your worries and stresses.

7 – Getting a massage will also be very helpful to you. It can help relieve muscle tensions as well as your stress.

8 - Get a hobby. Learn photography, modeling or how to paint. Or, try doing things that can help you feel good about yourself.

9 – Exercise daily. Exercising allows the body to produce chemicals that are responsible for the feeling of pleasure such as dopamine and serotonin. Aside from this, exercising can also help increase stamina and prevent many types of diseases.

10 – Learn how to meditate. Meditation has been proven to provide many benefits aside from stress reduction.

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