List of All Public Relations Agencies Operating in Dubai

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I was searching lately for some info about the list of all PR agencies and companies working out of Dubai, and was fortunate enough to know about the information services provided by OSIC or One Stop Information Center, part of Dubai Department of Tourism.

Those people will go the extra mile to help you find what you are looking for. I have listed only the REAL PR agencies,  while promoting the ones I’ve dealt with using (A+) to denote a reliable PR company. Those with an A- or nothing means I do not recommend or have not dealt with.

Action Impact
Clients: Du, GM, Intel
+971 (4) 435 5995

ASDA’A Burson – Marsteller
Clients: Emaar
info.asdaa( at )

Bain & Company
Media One Tower, Level 35
+971 4 365 7 365

Bates Pan Gulf Publicity
+9714-2953456 +9714-2958066
bizdev( at )

DABO & Co.
+971 4 3444901
info ( at )

Fifth Ring Dubai
prdubai( at )

Four Communications
Clients: ADNEC
+971 55 98533370 / +971 55 9853374

Clients: Al-Futaim Toyota
+9714-2282101 +9714-2279801
gmasco( at )

Hill and Knowlton  (A+)
+9714-3344930 +9714-3344923
arciebenz.allicante( at )

MEMAC/Ogilvy & Mather  (A+)
contactmemacogilvy @

Grayling (previously Momentum)
Clients: EA
Loretta.Ahmed( at )

Orient Planet   (A-)
info( at )
business( at )

Spot On Public Relations   (A+)
alexanderm (at) spotonpr (.) com

The Portsmouth Group (A+)
+971 4 369 3575
+971 56 724 5751
intern (@)

The Content Factory
Clients: SanDisk, GamePower7
+971 (4) 447 2501
reachus( at )

Total Communications
+9714 428 1502
tony( at )
lindsay( at )

Total Publishing Solutions
+971 4 3681681
info (at)

Wallis Marketing Consultants
Clients: SAP
+9714 390 1950
info @ wallis-mc . com

Paz Marketing
Clients: Asus
joe.akkawi @ pazmarketing . com
+9714 298 0808

Word of advice for the wise, there is a new Lebanese term called “Habibi Business” (aka: I scratch your back and you scratch mine). Look it up, study it, think about it thoroughly, compare it to your ethics and standards, and then consider whether you want to do PR using this way or not. Tip: DON’T!

For a more thorough list, yet not updated much, click here.

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8 thoughts on “ List of All Public Relations Agencies Operating in Dubai

    1. Raouf Reply

      Get a quote from the small ones, like MCS/ Action, Spot On, Momentum, etc.

      Ask for designing / printing + distributing fliers.
      Get a special offer on Cobone / Groupon sites and the sort.
      If you have the budget go for Radio ads on Indian channels.

      Let us know how well did it go with you.

  1. Custard PR Reply

    We like Custard – doesn’t everyone? And, just like custard, we work well on just about anything. Established by three professionals – each with over a decade of experience in Events, Public Relations and Marketing, Custard Communications is an exciting and dynamic, young, integrated marketing communications agency. Custard Communications has the exactly the right ingredients to ensure that once you try us you are left hungry for more. So let us create the ideal mix to suit your tastes, cover your goals and satisfy your budget perfectly.
    Award Winning Public Relations
    Award Winning Events

  2. Jad Abi Ali Reply

    Landmark PR and Events is a full-service communications consultancy covering the GCC with a regional office in Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait, Oman, along with affiliates across the MENA region. Landmark Public Relations is part of the Saudi-based Al-Madar Group, we are pioneers in this field.

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