[Guest Post] 5 Tips For Moving Without a Fuss

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When it comes to tips on how to move, who’s better to ask than professional movers! We have an expert from down under for the rescue, and his name is Tips on how to move without too much fuss. It’s said that Sydney probably have more movers than any other city in whole of Australia, so we’ve canvassed their opinion to get some top tips on how to load a removals’ van. If you’re thinking of doing a DIY moving job then you need all the help you can get, starting with those tips:

1 – Use good quality boxes

The first tip from our movers is to use good quality boxes. It’s a mistake to rely on second hand boxes or flimsy ones that you have picked up from a supermarket or found at the tip. You need strong, rigid boxes and these can normally be bought relatively cheaply from movers. The firms will normally be happy to sell you boxes even if you don’t use their moving service.

2 – Plan your loading carefully

Our movers in Sydney advise that careful preparation is needed for successful loading. This is something that will always be done by professional movers. Professionals will carefully plan the process to ensure that space is used as economically as possible and you need to follow suit. Our movers advise that you measure the dimensions of your van first and work from that to assess how best to pack the van.

3 – Get big things on board first

Big items are always put on first by movers. Sydney professionals advise that you should put large objects such as wardrobes, fridges and sofas onto the van early and that these should backed against the end or sides of the van. Movers also advise that you need to think about what you want to do with large mirrors and paintings as you may want to strap these to the sides of the van.

4 – Fragile items need to be padded and boxed

Our movers advise that items such as a TV and computer need to be surrounded in padded packaging and put in a box. Professional movers would never put items like this directly into the van without pre-packing and neither should you.

5 – Check your van before you load

This is absolutely essential according to movers, especially when it comes to tyres – something that are always checked before a journey by professional movers. Movers know that there is nothing worse than trying to change a tyre when you have a few tonnes of goods in the back. They also advise a fuel check – simple enough but you will be surprised how many people fail to do that. According to movers, Sydney has had a few instances of DIY movers breaking down in the middle of nowhere mid-move, so don’t let it happen to you!

About the Author:
Jeremy Heyes has been associated with removalist in Sydney and movers Sydney from a long time. Presently with his vast experience, he is helping people in choosing the best service provider for them for their safe and hassle free move.

Chief editor @Wajeez, writer, blogger and online marketeer. He is working in Emirates, and lives in Dubai. Did you notice all those quotes laying around many posts here? He finds great joy in digging out the right quote for the right topic.

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