[Guest Post] 5 Tips to Control Your Shopping Addiction

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Do you realize that you’ll always end up spending more than your set budget, when you walk into malls full of sales and special offers? It is very difficult to restrict yourself from buying stuff that fascinates you. A short stroll in any mall can end up with you buying more than planed. Compulsive shopping or the addiction for shopping is just not right.

Shopping for mandatory items is correct, shopping for the sake of time-passing is not. The following 5 tips will help you stick to this important rule:

1 – Avoid sales related ads

If you are one of those who loves shopping during sales and end up over spending, it is best for you to avoid these promotions. Not just sales promotions, avoid leaving your house in seasons when sales are at a high. It is difficult to stop yourself from shopping when the world out there is having fun and buying new stuff. Try to keep yourself diverted by doing some freelance jobs or working out, and if you love books, nothing beats picking up a good book and start reading it.

2 – Don’t carry your credit cards

When you don’t have cash or debit balance in your account you end up spending on your credit cards. Leave your credit cards at home when you leave for shopping. This will restrict you from shopping extra or for unwanted things. We are living in a world of credit where credit cards are used more than cash. Avoid using your plastic money, spend within your budget and prefer carrying either your cash or debit card when you are out shopping.

3 – Set a budget and stick to it

Sticking to your budget is a difficult task. However this is the best way of controlling your senses. Besides having control over your budget, it is also important to have control over your senses, by restricting your senses you can win a huge battle.

4 – Malls need to be avoided at times

The logic behind malls is on the spot promotions and sales. Companies are smart and have been benefiting from our habits of over-spending. As you over-spend, the malls end up making more profits. Try not to enter into malls known for their effective promotion strategies. You enter a mall thinking you want one particular item, and you end up buying four or five. Think about your loss and profit of the companies before you enter a mall to restrict yourself from getting into one.

5 – Shopping list helps

Before you leave your house for shopping, make sure you carry a shopping list along. Such list will make you stick to the mandatory items you want to buy. Even then if you see something appealing and want to buy, stop there and ask yourself: if that item worth buying, and how will it affect your budget today and in the future? Think about things you can do to save money for your family’s tough times.

Spend more time with family and friends, to get rid of the addictive shopping. It is not all about buying, shopping or keeping occupied it is also about saving some money for the rainy days.

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