[Guest Post] 5 Ways to Save Money Using the Internet

By: // On 28 October 2011 // in Guest Posts, Lifestyle, Tech

The advent of the internet has made our lives easier in several important ways. Social networking and instant messaging have created an interconnected global landscape, while instantaneous search engines have expanded our access to information and knowledge. Internet service providers have long recognized how essential online access has become and rising internet bills have become one more financial burden to overcome. Fortunately, there are many simple ways that you can save money using the internet, and by taking advantage of the following five techniques the cost of surfing the web can be cut in half.

1.)    Consolidate Your Entertainment – Today’s internet is more powerful than ever before and searching for amusing YouTube videos is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online entertainment options. If you have children, for example, and find yourself regularly renting movies for family night, rental costs, late fees and trips to the video store can quickly add up. Online services like Netflix have revolutionized movie viewing and the innovative Watch it Now feature allows the savvy consumer to cancel their expensive cable or satellite plans. You can now beam the latest movies direct from your computer to your TV and save thousands of dollars per year on the cable bill.

2.)    Shift to Online Telephone – In the same vein, the internet now allows families and individuals to transfer their landline phones to an online service. The Vonage Company has made internet phone plans affordable and convenient, and you can use this service to make unlimited long distance phone calls for just $20 per month.

3.)    Skype With Your Relatives – With the recession dragging onward many traditional expenses like the annual road trip to visit family are simply not affordable. Thankfully, you can still wish your grandchildren a happy birthday with that personal touch through the power of Skype. This revolutionary online service enables users to talk to each other through their computer monitors and uses web-cameras to provide crystal clear pictures. You can wave to your baby niece and watch her smile back at you while separated by thousands of miles. Using Skype as an alternative to pricey out-of-state visits is a great way to save money while using the internet.

4.)    Improve Your Connection – Upgrading to wireless internet access is a smart way to save money on your online costs. Outdated routers, or worse – dial-up modems, provide slower connections at a higher price and are simply not cost efficient. Switching to faster wireless (i.e. N750 or N900) will shave your internet bill, while enhancing your overall online experience.

5.)    Take Advantage of Online Shopping – With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, the annual pilgrimage to the mall for Christmas toys and other gifts is fast approaching. This American tradition has become a very expensive endeavor, but the power of online shopping has leveled the playing field in favor of the consumer. You can find brand-name bargains at a discount with popular shopping websites like eBay or Amazon, and with membership programs you can even earn free shipping.

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