Slogans for Doctors, Financial & Sales Services

Slogans can make or break a business or a practice, that’s why in 1996, marketing guru Ivan Misner published his book “Seven Second Marketing : How to Use Memory Hooks to Make You Instantly Stand Out in a Crowd”. There, he listed many examples of brilliant slogans, mantras, and Motto that he has come across or helped to come up with. I’ve hand-picked the best ‘memory-hooks’ (as he called them) and am posting them here in 3 categories, and I’m starting with:

Doctors Slogans / Slogans for Doctors

1. “Be true to your teeth or they will be false to you.” Dentist.
2. “May the floss be with you.” Dentist
3. “We will fill, drill, and bill as painlessly as possible.” Dentist
4. “We have miles of smiles.” Dentist
5. “Glad to see your back.” Chiropractor

Chiropractic Slogans example for a doctor - We Care!

Chiropractic Slogans example for a doctor – We Care!

Chiropractic Advertising Slogans / Chiropractic Slogans

6. “If you back is going out more than you do, you need to see me.” Chiropractor
7. “Come and see me, I want to get on your nerves.” Chiropractor
8. “From head to toe, inside out, that’s what’s your chiropractor cares about!” Chiropractor
9. “Don’t let your back cramp your style — let us helps restore that smile.” Chiropractor
10. “Come chew the fat with me.” Dietitian

Financial Slogans

1. “Columbus discovered America — but it was a woman who financed his trip.”
2. “Trading a penny for a dollar always makes more sense.
3. “Do you want to save on Taxes? See me, or face the taxequences!”

Example of slogans

Example of slogans

4. “We do numbers so you don’t have to.
5. “There is life after debt.”
6. “We save dollars and make sense for your business.
7. “I have the tools at my command, to keep more money in your hand.”
8. “If you don’t want to retire, that’s your business. If you do want to retire, that’s our business.
9. “Would you rather pay taxes on your interest, or earn interest on your taxes?”
10. “I’m the Dr. of dollars.

Slogans for Salesmen

1. “Buy a filter or be a filter.” Water & Air Filters
2. “We want to get you in hot water.” Hot Tubs
3. “We take care of your property properly, and don’t take your casualty casually.” Insurance
4. “My picture says a thousand words, so you do not have to.” Photographer
5. “Take pride in you ride.” Auto broker
6. “It it computes, we sell it. If it doesn’t, we fix it.” PC sales & repairs
7. “I put the ‘person’ in your personnel.” HR
8. “Silence at a discount.” Mufflers
9. “I sell the houses you put your home into.” Real Estate
10. “A business without a sign is a sign of no business.” Logos

It’s worth mentioning that a  Motto expresses a belief or a purpose, whereas a slogan is generally used to advertise.

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