Moving In Together: A Checklist That Works

By: // On 10 April 2012 // in Lifestyle, Tech

Like any significant change in your life, it helps to have a step-by-step plan to ensure that you don’t forget anything. That’s why I love to use a moving in together checklist before I move into a new place with my partner.

Items On My Moving In Together Checklist

Here are some things that I like to cover when I put together the checklist:

  1. Is everything packed and ready to go? I prefer to have all of my boxes clearly marked by room (for example, a box for the kitchen, living room etc.).
  2. Does may partner look forward to moving in? You need to make sure you have an emotional investment from him or her before deciding to live together or else things can go wrong in a flash.

I know it’s a short moving in together checklist but it does get the important points across and allows me to rest easy know I have everything (or at least most things) good to go on day #1 of move in day.

Moving in Together Tips for Young Couples

There’s nothing more exciting for a young man and a woman than moving in together tips. Packing the boxes and making future plans is such a great way to bring you two closer together. To make sure everything works out for the best, follow these tips.

3 Moving In Together Tips

  1. Don’t let finances be an issue: The best way to not let money get in the way of a perfectly good relationship is by being open and honest with your partner. Save receipts and share them with one another on a weekly basis.
  2. Don’t fight over little things: Pick your battles and only argue if you think it is worth the trouble or if it’s an issue that comes up over and over.
  3. Have fun: Don’t forget to make fun nights for the two of you in the house to watch a movie or wharever.

I hope these moving in together tips are helpful to you!

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