Screen Resolution 1366×768 Overtakes 1024×768

By: // On 11 April 2012 // in Social Media, Tech

As expected, a new screen resolution size has been gaining momentum, according to StatCounter, an independent web analytics company. For the first time, 1366×768 has become the most popular screen resolution worldwide, having overtaken 1024×768. “The data reflects a continuing trend of users moving to larger screen resolution sizes. The screen resolution size people are using is a critical factor for developers when it comes to web design, particularly in the case of fixed width web pages.” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter.

StatCounter began its tracking of screen resolution in March 2009 as a free service to developers and webmasters. Since that time, screen resolution 1024×768 pixels has been the dominant screen size globally on the web, but over time it has fallen from 41.8% in March 2009 to 18.6% in March 2012. Over the same period 1366×768 has grown from 0.68% to 19.28%. The third most popular size is 1280×800 at 13%.

StatCounter provides free website traffic analysis. This allows web developers to capture screen resolution stats on their own and on their client websites in real time. Other information available includes search terms, download stats, exit links and other data. StatCounter Global Stats data is based on over 15 billion page views per month (4 billion from the US) to the StatCounter network of more than three million websites.

More info can be found here.

Most used screen-resolutions:

#       Rez               %
1st   1366×768    19.28%
2nd 1024×768   18.6%
3rd  1280×800  13%

In websites design realms, few design sizes (or rather grids) rule the scene, and those are:

  • 300px wide — Suits mobile phones with web browsers
  • 748px wide — Better suited for medium sized devices as well as the iPad in portrait mode
  • 978px wide — The most popular size for websites and the iPad in landscape mode. (About to lose that position)
  • 1218px wide — For standard sized laptops (The next king)
  • 1378px wide — For large monitors (20 and 22 inches wide monitors are not rare any more, I for one am using a Samsung 22″ since 3+years)

(Sizes taken from

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