Top Ten Qualities Of A Good Intern

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Not all interns turn out to be good interns. Certain specific people either possess or learn to develop those essential ‘good intern’ qualities which will hold them in good stead in the job market. Here are 10 of those very qualities.

  1. The quality of listening is much valued.
    A lot of people don’t know how to listen without interrupting or trying to show they know it all. An intern who can listen without argument is pure gold.
  2. The quality of being unobtrusive when not needed is another prized quality in interns.
    No one likes an intern who’s constantly in other people’s faces. If you can efface yourself and observe silently, you’ll learn more and ensure that you don’t get in people’s way.
  3. The quality of thinking before speaking helps the intern to reason facts out before popping out questions.
    This shows you’re willing to think, evaluate and analyze before bothering someone with your questions.
  4. The quality of forbearance that allows you to smile despite stress is another valued attribute.
    It’s so easy to just blow up when you’re asked to get cups of coffee, but learn to be patient. Patience and humility are valuable lessons you learn as an intern.
  5. The quality of being able to keep one’s thoughts to oneself is great to have.
    As an intern, you cannot go around telling your superiors and senior team members how to do their jobs. You also cannot share your personal details, or talk about your personal life with others.
  6. The quality of discretion is another good one.
    No one likes a gossip, so keep whatever you see and hear under your hat. Discretion is a highly valued attribute in any organization. Watch, observe and listen, by all means, but keep quiet about it.
  7. To quality of obedience doesn’t come easy
    The youthful mind usually rebels against conforming to anyone. However, as an intern you’ll have to obey and do as you’re told, or else you will upset the balance of your team.
  8. The quality of being able to follow orders correctly
    Can’t stress this one enough. Sometimes you will be given multiple orders all at once during your business internship program, and it’s important to note them down and do them in the order specified. Hopeless if you are a scatterbrain, but worth its weight in gold if you are organized.
  9. The quality of honesty is invaluable.
    It’s easy to lie about one’s background, or offer a million reasons for being late. An honest intern makes for an honest employee, something that’s much desired. However, know when not to speak out honestly – too much truth is not good at the workplace.
  10. The quality of perseverance is valued above all. An intern who doesn’t easily give up on a task, but rather keeps trying till it gets done is a valuable intern. However, while being dogged, it’s necessary to know when to give up so that other tasks don’t get compromised.

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