Kaspersky Lab: Safeguarding Your Belongings While Entertaining You

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Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing IT security vendors worldwide. Today it is firmly positioned as one of the world’s top four leading antivirus vendors.  It’s also an international group operating in almost 200 countries and territories worldwide. The company’s headquarters are located in Moscow, Russia, from where it oversees global operations and business development.

Kaspersky Lab seeks to deliver the world’s most immediate protection against IT security threats, including viruses, spyware, crime ware, hackers, phishing, and spam.

Partage propulse par Buzzeff

The products of Kaspersky Lab provide superior detection rates and very fast outbreak response times for home users, SMBs, large enterprises and the mobile computing environment. Kaspersky® technology is used worldwide inside the products and services of the industry’s leading IT solution providers.

The Main product of Kaspersky Lab is Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, the company’s flagship product for home users, fully protects personal computers from all Internet threats.

With the collaboration of Universal Music Group (UMG) one of the world’s largest music companies,   Kaspersky Lab launched “Kaspersky Music” www.kasperskymusic.com, available in English and Arabic.

The website contains a wide variety of music ranging from International music to Arabic, Islamic and poetry, the latest top chart hits, International news and music, great Universal artists’ merchandise products and most of all : available for free download.

Get your Copy now and use the promotional code: SFKIS20ME to get 20% discount of  your purchase, you will also get a full access to www.kasperskymusic.com  to choose your free 12 music downloads.

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