Five Tips For Easy Road Vacations

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Often, the most convenient vacation option is the one that involves the least hassle. Sure, it can be tempting to fly off to an exotic destination, and every now and then it’s perfectly manageable. But for your average weekend getaway, flights are simply too much to worry about. Opting for a quick road trip to an attractive nearby destination can often be the perfect solution, as it helps you to avoid the time, expenses, and potential hassles of flights. However, driving to a destination isn’t always without hassle itself. Here are five helpful tips for making such a vacation run smoothly and enjoyably.

1. Book Accommodations In Advance

Booking accommodations when you fly to your destination is a no brainer. However, you may be surprised how many people skip this step when driving to destinations. The assumption is that you’ll be able to find a hotel once you get there, and often this is the case – for example, many coastal areas have virtually limitless hotel space. However, booking a room takes very little time and saves you the potential disaster of being unable to find a place to stay.

2. Have Your Car Tuned Up

One of the most important steps in any road trip vacation is to have your car checked before you depart. A basic check-up will involve testing your brakes, your tire tread, and all of your warning lights, as well as making sure your oil, batter, etc. are adequate. If any of these parts of your car are out of order and go unaddressed, you may be delayed or even stranded on the way to your destination.

3. Check Your Car Insurance

Additionally, you will want to check to look into specific travel insurance options, some of which can help you to make your way to your destination in the event that your car breaks down beyond immediate repair.

4. Maintain A Schedule

Maintaining a strict schedule for your road trip is essential if you want to maximize your vacation time. Of course, certain delays can be inevitable and unavoidable – traffic jams, accidents, bad weather, etc. However, many people are tempted to simply take their time with plenty of stops on the road, and the hours can add up quickly. If this is truly your preference, so be it, but just remember those 15 minutes you spend at a rest stop could be spent on the beach!

5. Vary Your Destinations

Finally, if you plan on frequent road trip vacations, try to vary your destinations. For many, it is tempting to find a great location and stick to it. However, road trips offer so much versatility that it’s a shame to limit yourself to a single spot. Take advantage of your flexibility and vary your destinations, and your weekend getaways will never get old.

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