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TL;DR: If you want to turn visitors into actual buyers, get in touch with anyone in this list.

Convertro, a company that can optimize ad campaign effectiveness using cross-attribution of offline and online channels, has leveraged its deep client dataset to give marketers a clear guide for selecting profitable affiliate partners that introduce new customers or revenue, and thereby deliver long-term business value. Starting with a pool of over 1,000 affiliate candidates, Convertro analyzed the value of each based on the experiences of the company’s entire client base, which is comprised of businesses with an online presence in industries including e-commerce, automotive, gaming, sports, business-to-business services and social media.

With reliable parameters in place, Convertro identified the following affiliates as delivering the highest percentages of introductory and one-and-done visits across industries:

  1. TrialPay
  2. Top Consumer Reviews
  3. DealMoon
  4. Top Ten Reviews
  5. Corporate Perks
  6. Box Tops for Education
  7. Shop.com
  8. SkyMiles Shopping
  9. TheFind
  10. UPromise

Convertro first determined which affiliates were properly trackable, and which had spread to no fewer than four different Convertro clients, which increased the level of accuracy and reliability in the results. The company then excluded any affiliates who are known or that it identified as cookie stuffers; serve only one vertical market; have a low count of clients, conversions or traffic; install adware or malware toolbars on client sites; use 404 and DNS error hijacking; or that it detected bidding on branded PPC search terms to steal traffic from brand owners.

Finally, Convertro analysts evaluated conversions based on their unique cross-channel multi-attribution model. Convertro’s model utilizes big data to credit all marketing sources and touchpoints, including cross-channel and cross-device interactions, according to the role that each touchpoint played over the lifetime of the customer.

This model was used to determine the true value of each affiliate relationship. Many of the Convertro clients who worked with these publishers accessed them via affiliate networks. The most popular were Commission Junction, Linkshare and Google Affiliate Network.

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