About Wajeez

Hello, I’m Raouf.

An Egyptian copywriter working in Dubai since 2001, who came up with Wajeez in late 2010.

Wajeez.com is my second blog where I showcase my writing prowess. (I have another blog in Arabic).

It also acts as my own articles-portfolio where I write about digital marketing, along with some posts about cars, press releases, travel, tips, etc.

What’s in a name? Wajeez

An Arabic word, wajeez means concise and short (or the Arabic equivalent to TL;DR), conveying the meaning with the least number of words.

Wajeez is about marketing, copywriting, communications, along with some tech, cars, and travel reviews.

I’ve also interviewed some successful professionals, founders, and entrepreneurs.

“In this age of micro-blogging and two-second sound bites, almost no one has the attention span, or time, to read more than a few sentences.”
Tim Frick, Author of Return to Engagement

About Raouf Shabayek, custodian of Wajeez.com

Raouf Shabayek | Wajeez.com

Raouf Shabayek | Wajeez.com

A marketing & communications specialist, copywriter, editor, and published author, working out of Dubai, UAE.

In 2010 and after spending enough time working as a journalist covering tech, business, and videogames, Raouf decided to concentrate on online marketing / copywriting.

Today, Raouf works as a marketing & communications specialist in the events sector, where he tweaks words to increase sales and better-serve customers.

Feel free to connect with Raouf on Linkedin.

Some of the topics you can expect to read about here on Wajeez include:

  • Tips for writing press releases that drive sales
  • Online marketing and SEO tips and tricks
  • Interviews with real people to talk about their success
  • Starting your online store and how to grow your e-commerce
  • Reviews of books, cars, mobile phones, gadgets, electronics, etc.

Wajeez Product Review Policy:

If you have a physical product (i.e. mobile phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, consumer electronics, etc) that you believe would be beneficial to our blog readers then we’d be glad to review them.

BUT FIRST, we need to approve the product, must have ample time to test it (no deadlines), and there is no guarantee our review will be a positive one (rather based on facts and personal findings), and we do not return reviewed products, (unless we reviewed a new car!).

If you are in, contact me!


  • January 18, 2010, Wajeez’ first post was published!
  • July 22, 2010. My post 6 Lessons that Nokia learned from Apple got over 700 unique pageviews in one day.
  • Sept. 9, 2010. My post 5 Lessons I’ve learned from playing TF2 got over 1540 unique pageviews in one day. Long live TF2 fans!
  • Jan 19, 2011. Wajeez’s Alexa Traffic Rank shot up to 976,610.
  • Feb 2012, Alexa’s rank touched 620,000.
  • Afterwards just got bored with keeping up.


“Raouf has an insight seasoned with wisdom, in depth knowledge of culture, and the elusive instinct of success. This was a requirement when working with a culture and geography vaguely familiar to me. I have enjoyed working with Raouf, his communication has been timely and his quality of work has truly been quality.” – Ryan Hart, HartVentures.net