About Wajeez

“In this age of micro-blogging and two-second sound bites, almost no one has the attention span, or time, to read more than a few sentences.”
- Tim Frick, Author of Return to Engagement

About Wajeez, an Arabic word, means concise and short, conveying the meaning with the least number of words. Wajeez is all about business, motoring, tech, social media, travel and other industry verticals.


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Contributing Writers:

Aaron Monopoli

One of those Australians who has a tendency to pop up in various places around the world. He’s a writer and vagabond who recently took a vacation from traveling to study.

Rebecca Farewell-Prisaznuk

A Las Vegas resident with a specialty in digital marketing and content creation. A social media aficionado with an eye for the environment. She loves to write, and to make communities better for residents and better for business.

Liam Taylor

An Irish freelance writer, online marketer, web-developer and entrepreneur, who is also involved in many promising Start-ups. When he is not busy engaging with other Redditors, he is busy reading and writing.

Raouf Shabayek
Chief Editor @Wajeez.com and a veteran blogger, writer, and book author, working out of Dubai, UAE.  My eBook titled: 101 Tips for People Moving to Dubai, is based on the experience I gained after working in UAE for over 13 years.


“Raouf has an insight seasoned with wisdom, in depth knowledge of culture, and the elusive instinct of success. This was a requirement when working with a culture and geography vaguely familiar to me. I have enjoyed working with Raouf, his communication has been timely and his quality of work has truly been quality.” – Ryan Hart, HartVentures.net