Dawn of Smart Vehicles

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What makes a car “smart” nowadays? Smartphones, smart vehicles… we generally associate this with better-than-average technology, technology that predicts your next question and fetches the answer for it. Smart cars will change the way we drive, change the way we travel, and change the way we live.

Do you want to know how much would it cost to fill the tank at nearby petrol stations? Or check on a Facebook friend’s latest check-in? Smart cars should be able to deliver such answers and more.

Pretty soon we”ll see self-driving cars available commercially (Nevada, Florida, and California states in the US have already legally permitted autonomous cars!), and manufacturers today are already integrating “smart” technology into their cars. According to a report by Juniper Research that came out in 2013, the market for in-vehicle apps will be worth around $1.2 billion by 2017. This means that the Smart Car will become the new frontier for app developers over the coming years.

#5: Chevy Spark Your Imagination

Chevrolet Spark 2014

Chevrolet Spark 2014

Chevrolet has always had a solid reputation for high quality cars and is on par with Coca-Cola in terms of brand recognition. The Spark is a perfect example of their attempt at creating the perfect high-efficiency, smart vehicle. It comes equipped with the Chevrolet MyLink telematics /infotainment system, featuring: 7″ LCD color touch-screen, internet / satellite / normal Radio, hands-free phone, speech recognition, MP3 / video player, Bluetooth streaming and AUX/USB port.


Chevrolet Spark 2014 MyLink

It doesn’t pack social media integration… yet, but it does …drum-roll please, 39 mpg/highway. Chevy is bringing its game face when it comes keeping the consumer’s needs first.

Base Price: $12,000

#4: What’s Your Toyota iQ?


BeSpoke Premium Audio system

For some extra money you can also order the Scion

Volkswagen Golf R Model 2014

The intuitiveness of a touch screen is making our lives much more convenient! The more advanced navigation systems also have an SD slot, USB port, a 10 GB hard drive, and a WLAN hotspot built in. Other features include Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, Lane Assist lane-keeping assistant, road sign recognition, ParkAssist parking assistant, and the automated lighting functions Light Assist and Dynamic Light Assist With the amount of technology packed into the dash, you might never want to leave your car again.


2014 Escape Titanium in Ingot Silver Metallic

All Ford Escape models now have an HOV (carpool) lane guidance option so that the navigation panel will help you route the shortest commute possible. The voice-controlled mapping screens will also show branded point-of-interest icons for places like McDonalds, Shell Gas, and Starbucks to make it easier to find what you”re looking for. Sync AppLink (features vary bu model) puts 2 dozens of smartphone apps (Android + iOS) for media and navigation under the driver’s control with voice commands.


Gesture with Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience

Imagine a giant iPhone on your dash, and the whole thing is controlled using motion sensors with hand movements, swipes and voice-based interaction. Mercedes-Benz imagines that this is what the future of the automobile will look like, and I have to say, I like what I see. The demonstration also showed a projection area that will show you additional information based on the context of what you are seeing as you drive.

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    I like the idea of a rear-view camera on the car, but I’d be afraid it’d be too distracting when backing out of my driveway. Does it record things at all? THAT could be useful, especially in court.

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