Samsung Gear IconX Review; very light yet short-lived

The Samsung Gear IconX headphones are entirely wireless and Bluetooth ‘light’ earbuds.

They offer many highly innovative “smart” features like:

  • A built-in 4gb music player,
  • an independent exercise tracker,
  • and a heart rate monitor for fitness and exercise purposes.

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Word document saved over? You can recover it

In everyone’s daily work, mishaps and mistakes are bound to happen – especially when it comes to computers. Believe me when I say, it is a hassle to recover Word document saved over if you don’t have a good tool / App to allow you to do that. This is why there’s data recovery software to perform file / hard drive / system data recovery.

One of the reliable solutions available is: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 9.9 (download link). It has been around for quite some time now, and has gained popularity over the years for its user-friendliness. It also comes highly recommended as one of the best tools to recover lost or formatted data. Most of all, it has a free-trial version to try it out.
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Top 5 Power Banks to Buy for My Mobile Phone

The search for the best power banks for our mobile phones doesn’t have to be a painful one. There are quite a few different models available and a similar amount of factors to consider.

How many times would the power bank charge my phone / tablet / iPad before it dies, how heavy is it, is it water-proof, shock-resistance, etc.?

To save you from this headache, we’ve searched high and low and came back with our list of the top 5 power banks to help you make the right choice. All of those power banks – except one – are between $15-20, too!
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Rolling Back From Windows 10 to 7 / 8.1

By now, many of the Windows users have fallen to Microsoft generous offer of free upgrading to the latest Windows 10, and if you had done so; congratulations to you. But did you know that if you are among the few that feels the latest operating system by Microsoft is not to your liking, you can rollback to your used-and-trusted previous version of Windows from Windows 10?
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To Buy or Not To Buy a 4K / UHD TV

If you are considering buying a new television soon, then you are in good company. Thousands of millions of TV purchases are made every year, yet shopping for a new set can be cumbersome, indeed. It doesn’t have to be that though. Here, I’ll give you the main features to look for when shopping for a Ultra High Definition/ 4K TV set. Simply put, 4K UHD TV sets are the televisions of the future. The screens have about 4 thousand pixels (exactly (3840—2160 pixels or 8.29 megapixels, which is four times as many pixels as the full HF or 1920×1080 pixels), which means that the images displayed are more crisper than ever. With the price drop of a considerable number of models, more people will own such UHD TV sets, and that they will become the golden standard for television sets to come.
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Samsung Galaxy A5 Review

I was fortunate to test the Samsung Galaxy A5 thoroughly and over a long period of time at work, which allowed me to get to the bottom line of this new mobile phone. Like always, this review will not be a dry, complicated technical review, rather I’ll just list out all the things I liked, didn’t like, and my general findings while using this device. Worth mention is that the Samsung Galaxy A5 comes to replace the old Galaxy Alpha.

The full technical details and other specifications of this device can be found here.
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10 Tips For a High Converting Landing Page

What do they mean with ‘a landing page’ anyway?

In online marketing terminology, a landing page is a single webpage on any given website, that appears to a user who clicked on a search engine optimized search result or an online ad / banner.

The landing page is expected to show sales copy which complements the shown ad, search result or text link.

The main purpose of any landing page is to convert website visitors into sales or leads.

For example, a squeeze page is a special landing page aimed solely at collecting emails addresses from subscribers.
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Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Review

[Update in March 2015] After using the Lenovo Vibe Z for over a year now, I want to update the readers on what happened after this full year of usage. Battery wise, now it takes longer to charge the battery to 100%, 4+ hours and increasing. The phone used to last more than 2 days on full charge, now it can’t complete a day and a half of normal use. The screen is not as responsive as it used to be. The overall speed is less now, because of the updates that came out after its release. Still, this phone has served me well.

The Lenovo Vibe Z K910 is a smartphone (or cell phone for our American readers) from Chinese electronics giant Lenovo. The phone was released in late 2013 and at the time of writing those lines it lists for around $549.99 (or 1600 AED in Dubai, United Arab Emirates). It weighs 145.2 grams, or about 5 ounces, and is 149.1 mm (5.87 inches) in length, 77 mm (3.03 inches) in width, and 7.9 mm (0.31 inches) in height. Although it’s considered a BIG size phone, it uses 2 micro SIM cards.
Read more, an Online Store Interview

Every now and them, I try to do an email Q&A session with online stores’ owners and webmasters, to ask them key questions about issues such as which platform to use, marketing plans, boosting sales, etc. The insightful answers I receive are shared with you here. Today, my guest is Allen Wesson from (Link) who will take us through his everyday tasks, and how he runs the online store of Texsource, from his office in North Carolina.

Q: Tell us more about

A: was founded in 1997 in Kings Mountain, NC where it remains today. We are a supplier to the screen printing, embroidery, and sign making industries. We also have distribution locations in Georgia and Indiana, US. There are approximately 20 employees.
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