Top 25 Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai has secured a renowned reputation for being the tourist’s and shopper’s paradise. Dubai is among the list of most visited cities of the world.

The first question that every new visitor to Dubai asks is: what are the top things to do in Dubai?

There are tons of things to do in Dubai. Many books, guides, websites, FAQ’s, subreddits, etc have answered that question.

Here, I’ll give you a quick and simple answer.

But first, Dubai is also considered to be the shopping capital of the Middle East.

Dubai alone has more than 70 shopping malls, including the world’s 7th largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall.

If you ever find yourself visiting Dubai and needed to prepare a quick itinerary, you better make sure to secure the needed time to visit the following icons of Dubai, you won’t regret it!
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6 Lessons That Nokia Learned From Apple

Nokia Corp, the $44 billion company at the time of writing those lines, is suffering from constant market share decline, caused mainly by the $230 billion Cupertino, California-based Apple, through its iPhone line of mobile phones. In 1999, Nokia peaked with 203 billion Euros market value, the highest of any European company. How did this Finnish conglomerate fall from grace? Time for some lessons.
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Job hunting in the Middle East? Start here

Are you seeking a job in the Middle East or the fast-developing (oil-rich) Gulf States? Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and maybe Oman?

One may say, there are many online job search websites and recruitment online boards that can help you achieve just that.

There are also those “famous” recruitment agencies, but the fact is you need to go through them with a fine comb. Unfortunately, many of those are plain spammers.

Instead of getting to know you and ask what kind of job or employer you’re comfortable with. Those claimed ‘Gulf Jobs Consultants’ will just spam companies with your CV, in the hope that you would land an interview.

Still, there are some decent online recruitment websites that will help you land a job. Based on my personal experience learned while working in Dubai, UAE since 2001. I found some tried and trusted Gulf job vacancies sites worth spending time posting your CV to, but first, let me share a little secret with you…
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The day I got my Termination Letter

Like many others, I thought it won’t happen to me, but it did. I was made redundant after receiving a simple termination letter. The project assigned to me in Dubai was “put to sleep“, pending global economy recovery. To mark that day, I’m posting a copy of my letter of termination, to remind myself (and the reader as well) always not to rely too long on a job. To always work on creating passive income resources to save me from getting another letter like that. Read more


Moving to Dubai? Those tips are a must read

So you’ve secured a good job offer in Dubai, and have started to prepare yourself for moving to Dubai. Let’s get you up to speed with our quick tips for those moving to Dubai. Those tricks would help you make this transition as painless as possible. Still, always remember that Dubai is always nice on the eye, many times hard on the pocket!

1- Before moving to Dubai, bring your driving license with you

This comes handy later on as it helps skip few or all steps. You can exchange yours for an Emirati driving license right away if it was issued from a set list of countries (i.e. US, UK, Canada, etc), or at least skip some of the regular tests and shorten the needed duration to get a driving license.
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5 Small Tips For Saving More

Congratulations! You have made your first deposit to you saving accounts, and you are so happy with your three figures number in your bank! Now, we have a treat for you, few tips to make this number grow bigger and quicker:

1 – Always overestimate your expenses and UNDERESTIMATE your income.

This is the golden rule for any financial management program from the individual level to the nation’s. Here is another secret I reveal just for you: it is always advised to overestimate your expenses and underestimate your income by about 30%.
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Six Easy Steps To Manage Your Expenses

Wondering how can manage your expenses you pull your shoe strings a bit harder to save more to get out of debt with the least damage, while at the same time doing it so smoothly? Managing your finances shouldn’t be about turning your life style upside down. You can simply manage your finances by following simple steps that can make your life easier and cheaper. Here are six steps of those that you can implement today to start managing your expenses, not the other way around:

Manage Your Expenses: Start Saving Money Today

You remember when you decided to go on a diet and you keep telling yourself that you will start next week? Remember what usually happens afterward? Yup! That is it. You ended up never starting this diet and gaining additional weight. Well, it is the same thing when it comes to managing your expenses. We are used to spending more than we have —after all that what got us in this trouble. So start NOW, not next week, nor next month. And remember: every penny saved is a penny earned, and every penny counts.

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