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7 Ways to Make Your Online Store More Social Friendly

Social friendly online stores are the new trend in eCommerce realm, and you should join them ASAP.

After Web 2.0, it’s now the time of the social media. Your online store must be Social friendly for many reasons.

For any online store looking to boost online sales and increase its brand-recognition, its website must carry certain social media features to make the most of it.

Those social features aim to increase visibility and brand presence in the minds of current and potential customers.
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Use Power Stories, Not Plain About Us Pages

When I’m asked to review websites and online stores, I usually start by checking the About Us page. Many times I’ve found it to be full of dull boring text, if not totally empty. This is a wrong start to online marketing. Your About Us page should tell a powerful story, a story that will get the reader hooked, your brand remembered, and your values admired.

Put simply, Power Stories are those that will turn prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans. Many business owners make the same mistake, they get caught up telling the world about their services and qualifications, when they should focus on the benefits a customer will get as a result of using their product or service.
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10 Tips For a High Converting Landing Page


What do they mean with ‘a landing page’ anyway?

In online marketing terminology, a landing page is a single webpage on any given website, that appears to a user who clicked on a search engine optimized search result or an online ad / banner.

The landing page is expected to show sales copy which complements the shown ad, search result or text link.

The main purpose of any landing page is to convert website visitors into sales or leads.

For example, a squeeze page is a special landing page aimed solely at collecting emails addresses from subscribers.
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eCommerce cart store business logo brand

How to Start a Successful Online Store

Everyone seems to be asking how to launch a successful online store.

Maybe because of many recent online stores success stories, specially during the 2013 holiday season which broke many new records.

“By 2022, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms.”
— Eddie Machaalani & Mitchell Harper, CO-CEOs of BigCommerce

Having been around the early days of the internet, when Amazon sprang to life, and having worked with many e-Commerce projects in the past, I’ve come to learn some tips for online stores success.
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TEKSTartist Jason Markow

TEKSTartist Interview: Jason Markow of


Today, my online guest is Jason Markow (a.k.a. TEKSTartist) from who will take us through how he left his daily job to become an entrepreneurial artist! In his own words, he “artistically twists, warps, and distorts letters & words into the very thing they describe.”

The twist here is that Jason creates a special weekly limited-edition design. This design goes on sale for 7 days. Afterwards, any remaining prints are moved into the archive and are offered at $99. Each Five Spot Derby begins at just $5, and every 5 sold prints drive up the price by another $5.
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Local Search Listing For Your Store

Local Search listing is very important to any store (both online and brick and mortar stores). According to comScore, 78% of shoppers who search locally on their handsets end up making a purchase, 70% of them within one hour from searching.

This type of searching is dubbed ‘Local Search‘. It’s a common term used to reflect when a user searches online for an exact place or a city name, and usually gets search-results related to that location.
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How To Create Your Shopify Store – Updated

The story of Kelly Lester, a stay-at-home mother who couldn’t find a proper lunchbox for her kids, so she searched on and started manufacturing her own design, launched her Shopify store (EasyLunchboxes), and started selling its own Bento / lunch boxes online and made millions in profit is very common. It’s mainly because of the internet that such one-person businesses have a chance of surviving and thriving.

Kelly Lester, started her Shopify Store in 2012 and made millions!

Kelly Lester, started her Shopify Store in 2012 and made millions!

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, about 28,000 businesses with no employees other than the owner reported revenues of more than $1Million in 2011. Ten percent of those one-person businesses generated more than $100,000 of revenues per year. Over half of US small businesses are based in homes. On the other hand, Shopify website claims that it powers over 275,000 businesses in 2016.
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[You Can’t] Use PayPal on Amazon

, ,

Update: unfortunately the “Use PayPal on Amazon” solution below came to an abrupt end. I wasn’t able to contact the owner (Brandon) for proper clarification but I suspect Paypal did not like anyone using their registered brand in their domain name. Also, Paypal is very notorious against unexplained money, fearing any money laundry. Money for pizza just didn’t cut it. Still, I’m leaving this post for people / entrepreneurs thinking of doing a similar venture / project / solution / website. Beware, the vulture are on the look!

It happened one day that I was answering questions on Shopify forums, I came to know about the services of a new online store. This store started out as an answer to the famous question: how to use PayPal on Amazon (without applying for a Paypal debit card). Then it branched out to allow PayPal members to use their balances to buy stuff from outlets that don’t accept payments from PayPal. The following interview tells us more.

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Interview With Khaled Hussein, CTO of

, , is a crowd-sourcing website that offers a group-funding platform to allows users to establish fundraising campaigns for only non-profit organizations. Crowdtilt was founded by James Beshara and Khaled Hussein, and launched out of Y Combinator in February 2012. The company was initially based in Texas and is now headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Crowdtilt has secured many rounds of investment with a total of $37 Million, and is set to expand outside of the US, with eyes set on English speaking countries like Canada, U.k. and Australia. I managed to get in touch with Khaled Hussein over the email, and knowing how busy he is, I managed to get him to answer those 3 questions below.
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