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Real-Life Examples of A Successful Press Release

A single press release (or news release if you were in the USE) can help boost the prospects of a start-up or a growing business. So much so that some start-ups are ready to pay in terms of company shares to get really effective press releases. This is a crucial part of the whole marketing process for any new business. Press releases, preferably the good ones, are seen as an instant catapult to success in current day world of business.

Examples of the successful press release / news release:

Wheelys Cafe
A Swedish all-in-one portable coffee stand called Wheelys Cafe, started out as a campaign on The basic idea was that for $2,999, one can get a coffee stand with three built-in burners, running water, a loudspeaker, a high-powered electrical engine and a mobile application to manage everything.

An example of a successful press release, WHEELYS CAFE!

An example of a successful press release, WHEELYS CAFE!

Thanks for a successful press release, their original campaign raised $372,295USD. It was 615% funded on August 17, 2015. This grand-slam success caught the eyes of the likes of BBC, CNN, Time, Daily Mail, Forbes, The New York Times, to name a few!
BlueMax Networks have garnered rave reviews recently from customers in Latin America. Thanks to a press release which declared the tie-up of BlueMax with Seattle-based Zonsys. BlueMax provides marketing and e-commerce mobile solutions for its customers. It allowed its merchants to offer their clients 2D bar codes for special offers and discounts.

Another example of a successful press release, BlueMax Networks & Zonsys

Another example of a successful press release, BlueMax Networks & Zonsys

EquityNet + CrunchBase:
In 2014, this crowd-funding web-based platform hogged the press with the news of its partnership with CrunchBase to expand the ‘Deal distribution network’. Another successful press release followed with the news about EquityNet surpassing a net crowd-funding worth of 300 million dollars!

EquityNet + CrunchBase, an example for a successful news release

EquityNet + CrunchBase, an example for a successful news release

Linear Labs Records:
The press report of how the recording label Essential Music & Marketing signed Los Angeles based Linear Labs has done wonders for this relatively new recording label. The founder and head of Linear Labs, Adrian Younge, has gone public with his statement about the ‘new partnership with Essential, a brand that encompasses a craftsman-like approach to the marketing and distribution of finer music’ (in his own words!). Linear Lab focuses on conceptualized music from new and upcoming artists. Younge himself is a music composer, going by the name of ‘Ghostface Killah’ on his records.

Gryphon Audio:
Much like its name, Gryphon Audio has built quite a ‘powerful’ reputation for itself with the recent press release that it sent out to the world regarding the launch of the ‘Kalliope’. This ‘future proof’ DAC is supposed to be a path-breaking decoder that can work on sample rates as high as 384 kHz. What made the press release of this DAC equipment worthwhile was the novelty of the design (eliminating the need to depend on a USB power source with its 12.5 Farad SuperCap power supply). Although slated to be pricey, the Kalliope has grasped the imagination of music lovers and technicians the world over with its press release.

Booking order came same day the press release was published:
An event-management company was organizing an exhibition. Its marketing team sent out a press release about the show. Same day the press release was published, a major company sent a booking order for the next edition of the exhibition. Why? Because when they saw the printed press release in the newspaper, they knew they must be part of that show. This company has been exhibiting every year since that date.

Any entrepreneur / start-up / small company can write his / her / its own press release. If you have something that would be of interest to the media and news outlets, then it will be a waste not to send out a press release. My PR guide is full of ready-examples which you can copy and tweak to your liking. The guide also include over 1000 power words list which you can look up for inspiration. You can buy it here and add your company’s name to this list above.

Now, if we wanted to list the main benefits of writing press releases, they would be:

Public exposure:

This is perhaps the single most important reason behind every press release. Not only does a press release bring the business into the limelight, it also instigates customer curiosity and interest in their products.

Market memory:

For any upcoming business, being recalled instantly amongst a whole gamut of other equivalent businesses in the market is essential, if not absolutely crucial.

Spreading the news of a novel concept:

The consumer is always on the lookout for something new, something different, something that adds value to the already existing products and services in the market. This is where a press release helps in bridging the gap between the company and the potential customers.

Wider audience:

As compared to a normal advertising campaign, a full-fledged press release is one up because of a far-reaching readership. With the self-resonating social networking of any interesting media outlet, it has now become much easier to reach out to a global customer base with a press release!

It is quite evident that a press release can work wonders for a new or existing company by promoting brand awareness amongst the masses.

With the kind of media coverage a start-up gets from a single, positive press release, there can be no second-guessing on the leverage that this kind of marketing can bestow on a company’s profitability.

Brand building is also an important aspect of any new e-commerce site or start-up. Getting published and sending out news about the latest launches and partnership deals boosts the brand value of any new company immensely.

It helps, of course, that consumers nowadays are much more tech savvy and will lap up any new press releases instantly through the various social networking sites and search engines. Entrepreneurs need to make hay while the ‘press’ shines upon their start-up in order to stay ahead of their competitors!