Google has paid over a billion dollar to acquire the Israeli Startup GPS navigation firm Waze (link), but why? Most of us has never heard of Waze before now. And why pay $1.1 billion for a company that makes less then $70Mil in revenues?!

Is Google beyond all reason on this acquisition deal? Did any of Google’s previous over-a-billion-dollar takeovers fail to pay back? There must be some very good reasons that justifies paying over a billion dollar, but Google is not known for sharing the reasons for their decisions. With some research, few possible reasons for such a steep investment come to light, which can also shed some light on the reason for the US FTC to investigate further this acquisition.
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If you own a business or are considering starting one, make sure not to repeat those 3 deadly business sins.

When starting / running a new business, you may be uncertain about many things. That’s Ok.

There are plenty of business sins / examples to learn from the many blunders and botches of major corporations.

Here below, I list my 3 deadly business sins that I firmly believe (based on my personal experience) any business should be aware of, and work hard not to repeat.
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Nokia Corp, the $44 billion company at the time of writing those lines, is suffering from constant market share decline, caused mainly by the $230 billion Cupertino, California-based Apple, through its iPhone line of mobile phones. In 1999, Nokia peaked with 203 billion Euros market value, the highest of any European company. How did this Finnish conglomerate fall from grace? Time for some lessons.
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