To add new value is the only way for companies to stay in business. With cutting-neck competition, if a company does not add new value to its customers, it will perish.

Lenox China Company is an American company, founded in 1889, and specializes in selling ceramic articles, dinning plates and complete sets of dinnerware.

Lenox china sets became so popular in the early 20th century.

When faced by the European competition, Lenox resorted to American designers and artists to come up with exclusive custom china plates for Lenox.

That worked, but it was not enough.

The fact in the market was that every American bride dreamed about getting one set of good china.

Start by understanding the problem

The problem? The price was far too expensive.

Guests giving wedding presents could not afford a full set.

And even then, they did not know which set the bride prefers, or which pieces she does not have.

The demand was there, but the right service was not. Read more