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Family-Friendly Dubai Restaurants To Consider

Dubai is the perfect place for people looking for spending their times partying, having fun, and going wild in the lively atmosphere of Dubai Restaurants. We also need to remember that Dubai is a perfect place for family gatherings. One can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities with the family, whether you’re going out on safari adventures, watching movies, or casually going to the family atmospheric restaurants in Dubai.

We have compiled a list of some family-friendly Dubai restaurants to consider. We selected them based on the feedback provided by the chaps at, the online restaurants reservations website in Dubai.

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Interview: Alexander McNabb, About PR & Arabia

For anyone who is into the Public Relations scene in UAE in general, and Dubai in particular, Alexander McNabb will be a familiar name. He is so active on social media channels, many PR companies mention him on their Twitter accounts. Dubai Radios will have him as a guest or call him for a comment. He also consults for Spot On PR agency as well as other clients. It was time to hear straight from Alexander McNabb on Wajeez. Prepare to be amazed with some PR informed tips and opinions.

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Anyone and everyone who has been to Dubai will swear by its beautiful sandy beaches, its wide variety of cuisines, its luxurious malls with endless shopping options and the many entertaining activities and adventures that they have tried and enjoyed. However, only residents of Dubai, who chose to build a life and work full time in Dubai, understand the real hardships of living there and how these hardships could take a toll on their lives.

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Interview: Tarek ElMoukachar, Dubai PR Expert

Less than ten years ago, while I was working for a tech publication, I received an email from a new PR guy who was at that time representing Microsoft Xbox. To my astonishment, and as I discovered later on after meeting him face to face and running through thorough interrogations by yours truly, he knew a lot about videogames, and he was a hardcore gamer not a fake one. When I asked him about anything, he would get to the bottom of it or simply say I don’t know. I always liked to work with a PR man whom I can trust and rely on. His name is…

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Samsung Galaxy A5 Review

I was fortunate to test the Samsung Galaxy A5 thoroughly and over a long period of time at work, which allowed me to get to the bottom line of this new mobile phone. Like always, this review will not be a dry, complicated technical review, rather I’ll just list out all the things I liked, didn’t like, and my general findings while using this device. Worth mention is that the Samsung Galaxy A5 comes to replace the old Galaxy Alpha.

The full technical details and other specifications of this device can be found here.

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icflix, Streaming Videos in The Middle East

IN the past, the viewer was the passive part of the TV-deal. He / she used to accept whatever the TV-station has to offer him / her. When the Satellites started offering more alternatives, that model didn’t change much. Enter the internet and that scenario has been totally changed.

Now, the viewer has the upper hand, he now has online services ready to help him watch whatever he wants or chooses. In the Middle East, the viewer has icflix.

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A Dubai desert safari is destination number one for action, adventure and a pure adrenaline rush. The orange glow rippled dunes of Dubai are world-famous for all-day and into the night Arabian fun and remain one of the best travel deals under the sun. Start your desert safari with an exhilarating morning dune bashing ride in a 4×4 vehicle complete with a crackerjack driver behind the wheel. Fasten your seat belt and get ready to rock and roll over the virgin sands for a heart-pounding wild ride over the open desert plains.

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Max from Russia was visiting Dubai, and he made it to the 125th floor of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, till a new challenger rises above it. Max shot a panorama showing how Dubai looks from that height, and posted it to his Deviantart collection. Eye candy by all means, and it shows a different view, totally different from all the similar photos you find for Dubai.

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