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icflix, the Netflix of Arabia

IN the past, the viewer was the passive part of the TV-deal. He / she used to accept whatever the TV-station has to offer him / her. When the Satellites started offering more alternatives, that model didn’t change much. Enter the internet and that scenario has been totally changed.

Now, the viewer has the upper hand, he now has online services ready to help him watch whatever he wants or chooses. In the Middle East, the viewer has icflix.

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A Dubai desert safari is destination number one for action, adventure and a pure adrenaline rush. The orange glow rippled dunes of Dubai are world-famous for all-day and into the night Arabian fun and remain one of the best travel deals under the sun. Start your desert safari with an exhilarating morning dune bashing ride in a 4×4 vehicle complete with a crackerjack driver behind the wheel. Fasten your seat belt and get ready to rock and roll over the virgin sands for a heart-pounding wild ride over the open desert plains.

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Max from Russia was visiting Dubai, and he made it to the 125th floor of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, till a new challenger rises above it. Max shot a panorama showing how Dubai looks from that height, and posted it to his Deviantart collection. Eye candy by all means, and it shows a different view, totally different from all the similar photos you find for Dubai.

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Victorino Noval and Victor Noval have agreed to produce Edward Bass’ period character-driven thriller about America’s “Jack the Ripper,” the most prolific female serial killer in history, Belle Gunness. Edward Bass, producer, has produced alongside such legends as Stanley Kramer, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Guillermo del Toro, Kevin Spacey, Peter Berg and most recently James Franco and Victorino Noval Productions.

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Crescentrating; a Singaporean company focused on the development of the Halal Friendly Travel market, has released its 2012’s list of the top 10 destinations catering for Muslim shoppers’ need for  Halal food, and in most cases offer easy access to prayer rooms in the main shopping districts/malls.

  1. Dubai
  2. Kuala Lumpur
  3. Istanbul

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So here I was going for a stroll down the streets of Dubai, and what do you know, I found a graffiti painted on some wooden panels surrounding a construction yard, saying: Pull the chord (cord), I’ve seen enough. Dubai municipality is known for not allowing such graffiti in Dubai, and they used to clean it – or rather ask the owners of the premises to do so.

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Citi Private Bank has published the result of a survey by The Knight Frank Global Cities (Link) , which monitored “city-level power shifts”. The survey mainly assessed global markets for investment opportunities and influence on business leaders worldwide. The 2011’s survey clearly shows a significant movement on the Economic Activity indicator, with 14 cities slipping down the rankings and 16 climbing up.

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There will always be many Twitter accounts worthy of your following, but if you were considering visiting Dubai on a business trip, or just interested about this little Emirate that made the whole world come to know about it and its achievements, then this list below is worthwhile.

1 – @UAENews
They claim to be the one stop source for major UAE News feeds! Will give you a feeling for what are the whole UAE media is talking about.

2 – @Dubaiinformer
An expat version of what’s hot and what’s not, when it comes to Dubai news.

3 – @DubaiLife
This account follows blog posts of locals and various UAE expatriates, and headlines from locals news media.

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