9 Tips To Teach Kids Valuable Financial Lessons This Summer

DoughMain, a free family organization and financial education website, provides nine tips on how families can use the summer vacation to create a summer of learning:

Create a family match plan for savings
To encourage smart saving habits and help your child build savings, create a matched family savings plan, similar to a 401K you have at work. You, as parents, act as the company and match your kid’s savings contributions. Also discuss how the money they have saved throughout the summer will allow them to continue to do fun things throughout the year or prepare for their future.

Encourage odd jobs
Have your kids take on “odd jobs” to earn spending money this summer. Help them seek opportunities with neighbors or family friends to babysit, cut grass, wash cars, or help out in other ways. This is a great way to start earning money for kids that are not yet of working-age. Using DoughMain’s jobs feature, you can post and track jobs for your kids to help teach the value of work and responsibility.

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[Survey] Technology Has Made it Easier to Spend, Not Save

All those songs, games, apps, mobile connections and movie downloads are taking a toll on Americans” wallets, with more than half of U.S. adults saying technology has made it easier to spend money and only 3 percent saying it has made it easier to save, according to a survey conducted for the American Institute of CPAs by Harris Interactive.

The US phone poll of 1,005 adults found that Americans who subscribe to digital services spend an average of $166 each month for cable TV, home Internet access, mobile phone service and digital subscriptions, like satellite radio and streaming video–the equivalent of 17 percent of their monthly rent or mortgage payment. Those who download songs, apps and other products spend an additional $38 per month, on average. Additional findings from this survey include: Read more

Six Tips to Deal With Stress in Your Daily Life

Stress has become an important part of our everyday lives. However in order to perform well at school or work one need to find some stress reliefs as it is impossible to work or study under a constant stress. Read on to find some tips to get rid of stress and find more peace and calm in your daily life. Get ready to tell stress good-bye.

1 – Talk to someone:
If you want to feel much better do not hide your feelings. Talk to your friends or relatives about your problems and ask them for help if necessary. You might find that the person you’re talking to can help you think of ways to de-stress, or help you come up with ways to solve any problems you might be having. Read more

eBay Global Mobile Shopping Trends in 2010

Based on its analysis of mobile sales across its top six mobile markets, eBay has announced the global mobile shopping trends of 2010, based on items sold and sales. According to Steve Yankovich, vice president of mobile for eBay, mobile shopping has peaked on 2010, with eBay leading the way by becoming the go-to shopping destination.

More than 30 million downloads of eBay’s mobile apps worldwide were registered, with people buying everything from designer apparel to cars and trucks on their phones regularly, and purchases are being made through eBay mobile every second. In the U.S., the top 5 categories ranked by the number of items sold through eBay’s mobile apps for 2010 were:

  1. Clothing shoes & accessories
  2. Cell phones & PDAs
  3. Collectibles
  4. Jewelry & watches
  5. Toys & hobbies

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2011, The Year of Digital Moms

A report by Razorfish and Cafémom revealed that 65% of digital moms use social networks, 56% of them use text messaging, 55% instant messaging, and 52% are playing online games. The study surveyed over 1500 moms who were classified as using at least two Web 2.0 services, and who has made an online purchase in the last 3 months.

This group of moms are referred to as Digital Moms. The number of those moms is 32 Million Moms in the US alone, according to Nielson NetRatings – or 40% of women who go online in the US.
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Top 5 Cool Math Games websites in 2010

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, and if you do not keep your kids positively busy, you risk losing them to negative activities. Many studies have proven that family involvement improves kids’ success at school. Lately, I’ve spent some time searching for online websites that A) would keep my young daughter busy during her summer holiday, and B) help her improve her math skills. Math Games is a keywords heavily sought after on the internet, and many websites claim they deliver them. A parent can either surrender to the internet era and let his/her kids play math games online, or choose some mazes, puzzles and exercises to print them out for those youngsters to solve, colorize and most of all: enjoy!
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