Audit your site

What is Website Auditing & Why You Need a Website Audit

Website Auditing is very crucial! BIG and small websites do it all the time.

You’ve worked so hard on your designing your website / blog / online store / corporate site, etc…

… followed all those tips on the perfect design, branding, SEO, keywords, titles, etc…

… and you think everything is awesome… till it’s not.

See, you are your worst enemy when it comes to testing if everything works as planned or not!

And here’s why…

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Why Did Google Ads Change Their Policy

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As I’ve written before, technology companies are skilled in the art of making decisions without much real logic behind them. Even now, Google Ads most recent policy change isn’t as drastic as the examples I listed before, yet it is equally mind boggling. Your name and face photo can and will be used in Google Ads from 11th November 2013, unless you opt out.

Google’s stock (GOOG) recently entered the “$1000+ dollar club“, closing at $1,011 and thus pushing their current market value to around $334bn. Now, the question that forces itself is: with all these record profits, why is Google making such a rash decision to start using your face in their online ads, using your Google+ profile as the source of your photos.
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So Why Did Google Pay So Much For Waze?

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Google has paid over a billion dollar to acquire the Israeli Startup GPS navigation firm Waze (link), but why? Most of us has never heard of Waze before now. And why pay $1.1 billion for a company that makes less then $70Mil in revenues?!

Is Google beyond all reason on this acquisition deal? Did any of Google’s previous over-a-billion-dollar takeovers fail to pay back? There must be some very good reasons that justifies paying over a billion dollar, but Google is not known for sharing the reasons for their decisions. With some research, few possible reasons for such a steep investment come to light, which can also shed some light on the reason for the US FTC to investigate further this acquisition.
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7 SEO Tips for New Websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) continues to grow in importance. New websites and business owners realize the importance of making their websites easy to find in top search engines, such as: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Bizcloud Network compiled a simple list of 7 SEO tips for new websites to abide by, if they wanted to be found by online searchers:
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8 Common Online SEO Mistakes

According to SEO consultant Wayne Baumgarten, to pull your site up in search rankings, the first step is to undo SEO mistakes the web developers (or the clients themselves) have committed. SEO mistakes and sabotage comes in various forms, and the most common SEO mistakes include:
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Million Dollar Earth, a Failed Startup


UPDATE: After Google started charging money for using its Maps services, Million Dollar Earth had to shut down as the income was less than the monthly costs and no alternative – at the time – was there to replace Google Maps. A reminder not to trust / rely on Google when it launches another “FREE” service.

I was fortunate enough to come across Ryan Hart, the many behind the Million Dollar Earth website. Same as what Alex Tew managed to do with in 2005, Ryan is set out to sell the map of the world, online. I asked him few questions over the email, and those below were his answers.
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