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London’s West End is the world’s most expensive office market once again after regaining its crown from Hong Kong’s Central Business District (CBD), according to research published today in Cushman & Wakefield’s (world’s largest commercial real estate services firm) Office Space Across the World 2013.

The report highlights the scarcity of quality space in London which has increased competition and consequently inflated office rents by 2% in the West End to make them the most expensive in the world.

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Online recruiter released the results of their survey of the US cities which pay the highest average salary for technology jobs. Established tech hubs such as San Jose, San Francisco and New York’s silicon alley rank highest in pay versus smaller cities such as Phoenix, St. Louis and Tampa. CyberCoders analyzed more than 3,000 technical job titles from around the nation to determine the highest paying cities for technology jobs.

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A recent report by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), commissioned by Citi, crowned New York city as the first in competitiveness, out of 120 of the world’s major cities. The Hot Spots report ranks the most competitive cities in the world for their demonstrated ability to attract capital, business, talent and tourists. With a combined population of about 750 million, the 120 cities ranked in Hot Spots represent approximately 29 percent of the global economy and generated a combined GDP of US$20.24 trillion in 2011.

The ten most competitive cities in the world are:

  1. New York
  2. London
  3. Singapore

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LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 12, 2012. Victorino Noval Productions and James Franco’s Rabbit Bandini productions greenlight “WRONG NUMBER”, starring Abigail Spencer (Cowboys & Aliens), Andrew Leeds, Matt Gould, Griffin Matthews, Camille Chen, and Eric Roberts.

Edward Bass will be producing, along with Miles Levy, Vince Jolivette and Gigi Graff. First time feature writer Abigail Spencer and first time feature director Anna RoseKing, a modern romance told by the generation living it.

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Travel mistakes cost time and money; they start with shopping for a flight and continue right up to the day of departure. Travelocity’s Task Force has monitored US’s busiest airports during Thanksgiving holidays, for more than a decade, and found there are 10 travel mistakes that rear their ugly heads time and time again, and those are:

1. Waiting to purchase flights
Travel experts know the cost of airfare goes up, not down, the closer a holiday gets. More travelers means more people trying to get the cheap flights. Rule of thumb for holiday air travel: Don’t hold out for a last-minute deal. Book as soon as you know your plans for lower prices and more choices.

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A new study from the authors of the New York Times bestseller Crucial Conversations shows employees with poor people skills pay a “jerk tax” when being considered for promotion. The online poll, which analyzed 1,650 promotions, debunked the common misconception that jerky behavior is necessary to get ahead in business. The study collected responses via an online survey from 550 book readers in September of 2010 and according to its results, 92% said having poor interpersonal skills hinders advancement in their organization.

Joseph Grenny, co-author of Crucial Conversations, says riding roughshod over others does not increase one’s chances of promotion—in fact, it’s inhibiting. “Too many employees suffer under the misconception that they have to be a jerk to generate the results necessary for workplace advancement. However, those most likely to be promoted excel not only in adding value but also in their interpersonal competencies” Grenny said.