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University of Phoenix has released the results of their latest online survey (conducted by Harris Interactive ) of more than 1,600 U.S. employed adults, which showed that 51% of working American adults currently own or want to own their own business. Workers who don’t currently own a business, 55% of them who are in their 20s hope to do so in the future, followed by 48% of workers in their 30s and 36% in their 40s.

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Marketing Shifts From TV To Online Video

Any marketer’s dream would be to create a killer TV ad and run it nation-wide, and pray for an instant hike in sales figures. Marketers still prefer physical marketing to online marketing, but the tide is starting to turn, as per a recent survey that found media members starting to shift some of their marketing budgets to creating online videos and pushing them towards potential consumers and users.

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According to a recent study by Constant Contact, building email marketing subscriber lists is still the most favorite e-marketing option for small business owners. Over 700 small businesses and nonprofit organizations were surveyed, and the results showed that 57% of respondents are actively trying to grow their email subscriber list “at all times.” The reasons for doing that varied, 44% of respondents cited bolstering repeat business or donations as the primary reason, 39% said customer relationship building, and 12% said engaging customers for referrals.

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Chances are someone has already snapped up a small business owner’s first choice domain name. As a result, many small business owners have settled for less than perfect alternatives, leading to dissatisfaction, and in some cases, lost business. A new survey by Wakefield Research, found that nearly half of small business owners are not completely satisfied with their current domain name.

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Survey: Small Business Owners Common Traits

A new survey has found that small business (SMB) owners share several distinct attributes – a sort of unique “DNA” – that help them live their passions while adapting to the shifting economic landscape. Commissioned by Deluxe Corp., a leading provider of marketing services, the study surveyed more than 1,000 SMB owners around the U.S.

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Local broadcast TV viewers are 85% more likely to post photos and videos to their social media accounts, than users of other media (radio, newspapers, broadcast and cable television), primarily because of their strong connection to community. This fact, among others, was among the findings of the Cultural Currency research (commissioned by, which analyzed social media behaviors among 167 million Facebook and Twitter users across 4400 primetime television programs, 540 consumer brands, 570 TV stations, 1823 radio stations and 358 local and national newspapers.

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According to the 2013 North American Social Recruiting Activity Report, only 22% of recruiters used Facebook for recruiting in year 2012, compared to a dominant 97% using LinkedIn and even 27% using Twitter. The data, culled from more than 160,000 recruiters, showed that only 12% of recruiters were connected to all three major social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter – in 2012. With 14 percent of recruiters using a combination of LinkedIn and Twitter for recruiting versus eight percent using LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter is once again more popular than Facebook as a recruiting channel.

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