The day I got my Termination Letter

Like many others, I thought it won’t happen to me, but it did. I was made redundant after receiving a simple termination letter. The project assigned to me in Dubai was “put to sleep“, pending global economy recovery. To mark that day, I’m posting a copy of my letter of termination, to remind myself (and the reader as well) always not to rely too long on a job. To always work on creating passive income resources to save me from getting another letter like that.

My Termination Letter, a note to self.

My Termination Letter, a note to self.

Life after a termination letter

Funny enough, this post has become one of the top visited pages of my blog. Seems many people look for inspiration to terminate other employees.

I’ve also discovered that this page works as an indicator to world economy. Whenever this page is on high demand, the obvious is stated. More people are about to lost their jobs.

When this page is abandoned, it sure means the world economy is doing great and people can feel about their future. I believe CNN and Bloomberg should take a hint!

Coming back to my career. Thankfully being laid off gave me more time to spend with my family. I was lucky to secure some freelancing jobs that helped pay the many bills.

I started to work more on this blog, write more, think more about its future. I started to learn more about copywriting and online marketing. Read many books and watched many videos.

It wasn’t all fine and dandy though. Life in Dubai is not meant for the unemployed, specially those with a family and kids.

So go ahead dear reader, take some inspiration for screwing someone’s else life. May those terminated prosper and shine, and come back to hunt you down.

May the terminated bounce back and terminate the terminators! (Bet you you did not see that coming!)