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Top 5 Toughest Mobile Phones

So, all the features that other mobile phones offer don’t interest you. Why is that? Because you want a cell phone that’s as tough as the life that you live, specially when you travel the world. You want the toughest mobile phone that can be dropped on concrete or in water, a smartphone that would survive the apocalypse.

Below I list five of the toughest mobile phones deals money can buy today, guaranteed to be able to take the strain of life and bounce back.

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Best 5 Summer Backpacking Products On Amazon

Winter is the time to plan for your summer backpacking away from home. Whether you’re spending a few months in Europe, the US, or elsewhere, there’s some essential things you need.

Below is a list of the best 5 backpacking products for the summer which you can find on Amazon. I’ve hand-picked those five based on my long travel experience, in Australia, south Asia, and some parts of Europe.

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Top 10 Destinations To Visit By Car in Australia

Australia is such a vast land / country / continent, with so much long roads and vast empty areas between cities and towns to visit by car only. I never quite understood what some tourists that I met while traveling meant when they told me how they found Australia to be quite empty!

The distance, though, serves to make Australia a land that can be explored and adventured in, and for that you shall need a car, a rather good one also, as you roam the lands and beaches and greenery, which makes for car-travelers’ paradise. Below is a list of some of my favourite areas of this ancient land.

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Top 10 Classic Cars Manufactured in Australia

Australia has a long history of love and obsession with cars and motoring. Ever since the former Prime Minister Ben Chifley watched the unveiling of the Holden FX, Australians have shown their love and passion for motoring and cars. The biggest car manufacturers in Australia are Holden (a subsidiary of GM) and Ford Australia.

Because of the exorbitant costs of manufacturing, some say the future won’t have any Australian-made cars, which gives more value to the old classic ones that stood out the test of time and tried to leave their mark in the motoring history books. This is a list of my top 10 classic cars built and manufactured on Australian soil.

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10 Australian Bloggers To Follow on Twitter

Australians are an interesting breed of people, living on an island isolated from the world. This distance from the old world means that Australians can develop a different sense of the world, making for some interesting reading in the blogosphere.

Below is a list of Australian bloggers who you should follow on Twitter. These bloggers will prove to you that deserve to have your attention over the other top bloggers.

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A traveler may not be around for Christmas, but there’s no reason to forget their Christmas gifts. While it can be hard to shop for a traveler who is rarely at home long enough to need much, there’s many options out there that would make a jet setter smile, specially if he was an Aussie.

This is my personal list of top 10 Christmas gifts any traveler would love and appreciate as a gift, from the mind of a professional Aussie backpacker, yours truly, who is currently planing to spend his coming two years traveling the world (but that’s another story).

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San Francisco in 24 Hours: Must See Places on a Day Trip

San Francisco is one of those magical cities that lives up to everything you’ve ever heard about it. The diversity of the city, the natural beauty, the great places to dine, cultural landmarks…the list goes on and on. It’s a city loved both by Americans and Internationally as a major West Coast headquarters.

I must admit: it is nearly impossible to “see” San Francisco in 24 hours. You could probably LIVE in San Fran your whole life and still not really see the city. But that’s okay- just play along. This is what I would do if given a day in San Fran and had to make the most of it.

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Top 5 Australian Universities For The Foreign Student

Australia is a land known for its beautiful scenery and relaxing, laid back lifestyle. It’s also a country that takes in a high amount of foreign students into its universities. Australia is an attractive place to study, and It has world-class facilities, many of its universities are world-renown and offer students opportunities that aren’t to be found elsewhere.

It’s no surprise that this list isn’t based on academic performance for each uni, but rather on the city each university is in. Most Australian universities will give you quality education, but not all of them will give you the experience that the ones named here can. Let’s start:

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Los Angeles in 24 Hours: Must See Places on a Day Trip

Los Angeles seems to be the type of place you either absolutely love or never want to visit again. But I think the people who say they hate it have only seen the tourist traps; not that the touristy places aren’t worth a visit, but there is so much more to L.A. than the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The city is so diverse in terms of food, landscape, and entertainment, you could easily spend a week or more exploring. But let’s say you only have 24 hours to squeeze in as much as you can. Here’s where to go to get a real taste of everything L.A. has to offer.

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10 Restaurants You Must Try in Las Vegas

Sin City is home to some of the most extraordinary restaurants in the world. Some are managed by celebrities, some have celebrity head-chefs. But everyone knows about those must-try ritzy restaurants (Like celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey’s Pub & Grill).

What about all the off-the-beaten-path places that most visitors are unlikely to pass by? There is some seriously good eats in Vegas, and these are the top ten you should know about:

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