Who says the flowers have to be real for your wedding ceremony? Real flowers are not needed to portray real love; in fact there are many reasons to select artificial flowers:

  • Will be much prettier
  • Easier to decorate with (no water needed, no messes, completely portable!)
  • Hold up longer (no wilting or shedding!)
  • Easier to color coordinate
  • Less allergenic

Artificial flowers lend themselves so well to decorating.

It’s as if they love to outperform for you. They allow you to bend them, spread the petals or close the petals, fold the leaves or stand them out, throw in some baby breath or foliage… Artificial flower arrangements need no water so you can stand them anywhere and in anything.

Strewn across the table a few flowers or flower petals will not disappoint. They will maintain their beauty from here to eternity just like the vows that will be said.

Use artificial flowers together or separate to grace your tables.

Place a single rose bud atop some colored sand or tiny scented waxed candle beads for a sensory delight. Scatter actual rose petals along the table length to add to the allure and fragrance.

A bridal bouquet made of artificial flowers will last a life time creating an extra special memento. The flower girl can carry a smaller replica. One of the prettiest flowers to make a wedding bouquet out of is lilacs.

Some are extremely allergic to such fragrant flowers and can get symptoms ranging from the sniffles to migraines or asthma attacks, but this is not a concern when using an artificial arrangement made of lilacs and they look just as fresh and pretty as the real thing.  These beautiful lilacs come in three different colors too, so one is sure to match the colors of your bridal party; white, lilac or amethyst (pictured).

Beautiful lilacs (artificial flowers) come in three different colors.

Beautiful lilacs (artificial flowers) come in three different colors.

Make sure you follow through with lilacs as a centerpiece at each table. If you prefer to use another flower as your main flower for your theme, choose this delightful bouquet as it offers a wide variety to choose from.

Beautiful flowers for a graceful bouquet

Among the beautiful flowers that make this graceful bouquet you will find a soft pink Hawaiian lily, yellow tulips, creamy white delphiniums, white freesia, seeded eucalyptus, mauve lilacs, and alstroemeria. This beautiful spring bouquet offers many flowers to choose from and many shades of color.

For example, use the exotic lily blossom to place in fancy dishes displayed on the tables, similar to the rose pictured above. You can easily pop the blossom off of the stem and put it back after cleaning up after the wedding reception. Just save the stems out of sight. Now you have some flowers to make an arrangement with once you return from your honeymoon, flowers which can help you remember that special enchanting day forever.

Is the bride wearing an elaborate hair piece or head piece?

Artificial flowers are so flexible. They can be interwoven in a French braid or a head piece. Use a stitch or a hair pin to hold in place, or place one or two blossoms in a strategic place to soften and romanticize the bride’s hair.

This looks fantastic both with the hair pinned up or cascading in curls. Another option is to make a bridal crown by interweaving tiny flowers with a vine like foliage. You can also stitch the flowers along the top of the bridal veil where the veil sits on the crown of the head. This is the bride’s day to shine and all attempts should be made to let her day be one where she truly feels like a radiant bride.

The bridal bouquet can be even more beautiful in a number of ways

Gather layers of lace then tie them with satin ribbons around the flower stems to let them flow from them. Place a few pieces of longer ivy to cascade down as the bride carries her bouquet. A wedding day should be magical and nothing can help to visually enhance the beauty more than artificial flowers.

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