Think of a blockchain as a publicly shared Excel sheet.

Anyone can access, read, save, and share this Excel sheet. No one can delete or edit its content. You can only add a new row(s) to it, which everyone can then read and access afterwards.

Those newly added rows usually record transactions. Those transactions are saved in a unique, encrypted way, and called blocks.

Those blocks are linked to each other on what is called a chain. The final ledger is called a Blockchain. It rose to fame with Bitcoin, being its most ‘famous’ application at the time

You don’t need a central trust authority to tell you those blocks are legit, not fake. The encryption used in building the blockchain itself takes care of that.

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A Bull Market

Sometimes things get mixed up and you want an easy way to remember the difference between a Bear market and a Bull market.

A bull means power, strength, and the urge to run. A bull can pull a heavy weight to the top. He means profits and strong returns.

A bear is a reminder of  patience, slow movement, and long winters. A bear knows how to survive a crucial long winter. He waits in patience till things turn better.

That’s why those two strong creatures were chosen to reflect similar situations in the stock market.

Similarly, those two definitions were carried over to cryptocurrencies charts.

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content marketing guide

Content marketing is creating, publishing, and distributing valuable, relevant content to a targeted audience online. This can be a blog post, online article, ebook, video, social media post, podcast, etc.

This short guide you are about to read sums everything up, and gets you up to a good start.

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Cryptocurrencies passed the stage of being Ok to ignore, to being vital to master and invest in.

One best way to learn more about crypto currencies – as I see it – is watching YouYube channels that cover that topic. Here I will list the best channels / YouTubers by far.

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Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service (or Amazon SES) is touted as the best email marketing solution.

They are by far the cheapest ($1 / 1000 emails). They are the most reliable as well.

You can send thousands of emails in few minutes.

But, and that’s the part no one will tell you. They don’t accept anyone to use their service. This is what I have learned the hard way.

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Lori Turk

Lori Turk used to suffer from having cut her fingers/knuckles/nails while grating cheese or potatoes and had to rush off for a band-aid to stop the bleeding.

To put an end to that suffering, Lori invented the SAFEGRATE kitchen tool that protects your fingers when grating food so that food preparation is SAFE for the whole family.

Lori wanted the world to know about her new invention, and as fate would want it, she stumbled upon my online guide to Writing Quick Press Releases and set out to write her own Press Release.

Lori Turk is a Mompreneur based out of North Vancouver, BC. She was kind enough to share it with me as well, and I’m sharing it with my readers here.
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PCBoard taught me online marketing

From 1995-98, I would spend long nights working on an abandoned PC with a noisy modem hooked to a single phone line, running a pirated copy of the famous PCBoard BBS (Bulletin Board System) software and open for users dialing in over the night.

I used to upload shareware games and latest anti-virus software updates to a small number of BBS users in my home city, Alexandria, Egypt. During those days, internet connection was bloody expensive, enjoyed by the rich, and well-established businesses.

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Denied, negative, rejection

Ever wondered how to write a job rejection letter that is nice, decent and positive in some way?

No better way to learn than check on how the big Fortune 500 companies do it.

In the example(s) below, I share some of the best job rejection letters before / after interview the industry has to throw at us.

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this is marketing book cover