Australians are an interesting breed of people, living on an island isolated from the world. This distance from the old world means that Australian Bloggers can also develop a different sense of the world, making for some interesting reading in the blogosphere.

Below is a list of Australian Bloggers who you should follow on Twitter. These bloggers will prove to you that deserve to have your attention over the other top bloggers.

Topping our Australian Bloggers list: Drag0nista


Because of her views, opinions and the open mind that shows in her words, Drag0nista made it to the top of our Australian Bloggers list. Her blog is socially and politically aware, offering the views of an alternative person’s mind to the world. The blog is mainly about Australian politics, which makes it suitable for Australians looking for a viewpoint beyond the mainstream media, or for those interested in the politics of Australia. You can follow Drag0nista on Twitter here.

2) Young Man Blog

Update on April 2017: has vanished from the face of the internet! Twitter updates are very far off. RIP mate.

The Young Man Blog contains articles about motoring, gaming and fashion. It is aimed at young males, but can be informative for most readers. The motoring stories are on the higher, more experimental end of motoring rather than everyday cars. The articles are well written and worth the read. You can follow Young Man Blog on Twitter here.

3) Lorraine Elliot

Lorraine Elliot runs a blog titled Not Quite Nigella. This Australian blog features mainly food, but speaks on all kinds of topics regarding food. Food eaten while traveling, recipes cooked at home, local restaurants visited, food for different occasions and a wide range of ideas for those with a love of food. You can follow Not Quite Nigella on Twitter here.

4) Bryon Bay Blog

Byron Bay is one of my favourite areas in Australia, and this blog is all about Byron Bay. Rick Slater (And other contributors) write the blog, and keep the reader informed of what’s happening in the northern rivers area of New South Wales. If you live there, then it’ll tell you what’s on, if you’ve never been there it’ll make you want to go there. You can follow Rick Slater’s Byron Bay Blog on Twitter here.

5) Mike Hitchen


Mike Hitchen is an Australian who is a man of many talents. One of them is blogging, and his blog Sydney Irresistible is full of images that can be seen around Sydney. For those who haven’t been to the city, his images show a world that is to be explored and experienced. Mike has a range of blogs, showing himself to be business minded, up to date and current with his posts, and worth reading for his variety. You can follow Mike Hitchen on Twitter here.

6) Bush Babe Of Oz: Amanda

Amanda is the Bush Babe of Oz, one who was raised in the outback of Australia. There’s no other place like the outback, and no where else that can raise people up the same as the outback life can. For someone who isn’t aware of Australia beyond the big cities (Or the big smoke, as it’s called here,) this blog can show you images and tell you stories of Australia that will have you wanting to come over and get into the bush yourself. You can follow Bush Babe of Oz on Twitter here.

7) Soul Of Sydney

The Soul of Sydney blog is about music and its place in the culture of Sydney. Normally hard rock is thought of when Australia is mentioned, but there’s an undercurrent beneath that’s filled with the soul of hip hop and funk. This blog is great for those in Sydney who are after a good time with some relaxed tunes, or for those who are wondering what Sydney as to offer beyond great views and a bridge. You can follow Soul of Sydney on Twitter here.

8) Reservoir Dad

Reservoir Dad is an Australian blogger speaking about his life and times as a stay at home father. This blog is worth reading for a different perspective on parenting. There’s a lot of parental blogs online, but what makes Reservoir Dad stand out is his openness, honesty and the power of his words. You feel for him and his family in the good times and the bad. It’s something to read if you’re a parent or going to be a parent. You can follow Reservoir Dad on Twitter here.

9) The Road Is Home

A young lady who is a gypsy at heart runs The Road Is Home. The blog is a beautiful collection of her photography and stories of her life and times in this world. It’s a blog for those who are searching for inner peace, who wants to see and think about the beauty in this world rather than stresses and pain. You can follow The Road Is Home on Twitter here.

Last but not least of our Australian Bloggers list: The Little Aussie Travellers

Last but not least of our Australian Bloggers list: The Little Aussie Travellers

Last but not least of our Australian Bloggers list: The Little Aussie Travellers

The Littler Aussie Travellers blog tells the story of a family of 5 who loves nothing more than exploring the beautiful country in which they live. Maned by mother Ree and father Matt, they both write about their travelling adventures, and post plenty of photos and details. If you are a family traveling all over Australia, you might want to hook up with LAT and discuss your plans. You can follow Loreena (Little Aussie Travellers) on Twitter here.