There is nothing quite like a road trip. Exciting, spontaneous and giving you a deep look at the country you are exploring, there is a reason the best buddy films begin in a car. Of all of these adventures, the Great American Road Trip is probably the best known. Many people have made their way from state to state, seeing the US the way it was always meant to be seen.

If you are reading this, chances are you are planning the same kind of excursion. You also have an iPhone, which is going to become your best tool during your holiday. Here are five of the best iPhone apps for driving across the US.

1 –

The official app of the popular website, you can use it to find hotel rooms in any city. This includes last minute bookings, which are often given at discounted rates to fill the otherwise empty rooms. You can book with or without an account, making it a very handy tool while on the go.Being able to find a place to stay while on a road trip is crucial.

One of the best iPhone Apps around.

One of the best iPhone Apps around.

Because it isn’t like flying, where you know when you are going to touch down. You can easily get held up in traffic or end up taking longer to arrive at a destination than expected. It is always good to have a backup plan when this happens.

2 – Mileage Keeper

Keep track of your mileage and use that knowledge to save money! You can keep track of multiple vehicles, which is a plus if you are traveling with several people all driving along with you.Plus, this is the perfect app for business trips when you need to keep track of mileage for expense reports and reimbursement.

It will show you the cost per gallon at each refilling, the amount of distance driven on that refill, and how much you are spending all together.

3 – Urban Spoon

Find the best (and worse) local eateries in every city you stop in. Popular website Urban Spoon gives you all the features through their mobile app.You can search by price, rating and style.

Read reviews and see awards given to restaurants in the area. Avoid places with bad food or service. Or just shake your phone and it will recommend a random eatery.

4 – Yelp

Everyone uses Yelp these days. Their app will allow you to search reviews and ratings for local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, shops, attractions and more. It is literally the Yelp website on your phone, nothing more or less.

5 – CoPilot Live

When you are on a road trip the last thing you want to do is risk using a faulty or out of date map. Google Maps isn’t the best, and it is safer to try a paid alternative. CoPilot Live is probably the best out there. They have monthly updates on all maps, that provide you with speed limit warnings and several more features that make it well worth the $9.99 price tag. Here’s a screenshot from the App.


Road trips across the US are always amazing. Be prepared with these iPhone apps that will help you along the way.