Team Fortress 2 (TF2 for short) is an online, team-based, first-person shooter, multiplayer videogame. It was first released as part of The Orange Box on October 07. TF2 pursues a more realistic and militaristic style of gameplay, using comic, cartoon style visuals. The game is focused around two opposing teams (RED, BLU) competing for an objective. Players can choose to play as one of nine classes in these teams, each with his own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Having played TF2 for over 750 hours till now, I’ve learned few lessons, that — ironically — are suitable for implementing in real life and in business as well.

TF2 lesson number 1 – There is no ‘I’ in a team

Sure, you can play alone and go hunting solo, but most probably you”ll end up dead soon. Not only that, but veteran TF2 players hate those who wander alone, as the expected result is defeat, and so they will either switch teams or abandon server. No one likes to keep losing, or play with lousy team members.

2 – You cover my back, we win

With Snipers waiting to take the shot, and Spies looking for incautious prey, it’s every team member’s duty to cover the backs of his teammates. If that does not happen, players will be busy waiting to re-spawn (=play again after getting killed, on some servers it’s on the spot, on others you may have to wait for up to 18 precious seconds). If another teammate gets under fire, you should engage and fire back to help him recover with the aid of a medic or a med-kit. Doing so will keep this mate alive and firing, and hopefully fit enough to return the favor.

3 – When on the march, make the lines short

The main objective in TF2 is either securing a point or pushing a bomb to the other camp. Usually when a team captures the first point, they dash to the other point, hoping to capture it before the other team rebounds. Sometimes this tactic works, many times it does not! For this Blitzkrieg tactic to work, players need to keep their lines short, with every playing covering each others” backs. If the lines (spaces between each team members) becomes longer, the other team can divide and conquer the marching team, and hunt them down one by one.

Short lines are key to victory in TF2 and dare I say: life?

Short lines are key to victory in TF2 and dare I say: life?

4 – Obey the commanding mate, lest we all die

Once I was playing next to a Heavy (think of Rambo with a heavy machine gun), we were both pitted in a cross-road. The Heavy ordered me to cover his back, which I did, until I ran out of ammo and stopped shooting. This got me killed right away, and in my fall, I saw the Heavy biting the dust like me. The two of us were holding the opposing team from advancing. Many times in TF2 the voice of one player will come saying: “Our team does not need too many players from this class, we need this other class”, and if no one obeys, the end is obvious.

Snipers and Spies in TF2 can drive you nuts, don't!

Snipers and Spies in TF2 can drive you nuts, don’t!

5 – Don’t take it personal, winning is more important

Lurking in the most unexpected places, you shall find the Snipers, waiting for the right shot to take you down. When I started playing TF2, Snipers used to really piss me off, and I”d not rest till I go and kill that Sniper, even if my team loses. After getting my sweet revenge for many times, I started to notice the price I had to pay, or rather my team. Slipping into vindictive actions does not help the team to achieve victory. Losing has a sour taste, and snipping a Sniper has a short-lived joy. Be wise, control yourself, help your team to win, and then go hunt down this yellow camper.

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