A Bull Market

How To Remember The Difference Between a Bear & Bull Market

Sometimes things get mixed up and you want an easy way to remember the difference between a Bear market and a Bull market.

A bull means power, strength, and the urge to run. A bull can pull a heavy weight to the top. He means profits and strong returns.

A bear is a reminder of  patience, slow movement, and long winters. A bear knows how to survive a crucial long winter. He waits in patience till things turn better.

That’s why those two strong creatures were chosen to reflect similar situations in the stock market.

Similarly, those two definitions were carried over to cryptocurrencies charts.

Bull Markets

A crypto bull market happens when:

  • Prices soar (go to the moon),
  • Market confidence is sky high and people are eager to buy crypto coins with the hopes that those will grow in value,
  • Crypto hodlers (holders) make profits on their investment once they decide to sell their coins.

A bull market is usually a market in which money is made.

A Bull Market Card

A Bull Market Card

Bear Markets

A crypto bear market happens when:

  • the market crashes and loses 50-80% of its total value. (Less than that is called a dip and hence the famous slogan: Buy The Dip)
  • Nearly every crypto currency price is in RED, plummeting quite hard.

If you miss the chance to sell in a bull market’s peak, you will have to hold on to your coins and wait for the storm to pass.

In the cryptocurrency world, if the bear market drags on, we go into crypto winter, then hibernation / meltdown.

This usually happens because some of some “force-majeure” or an Act of God on a global scale, like a new killer virus spreading out of nowhere.

By then, there is no other option but just wait it out and pray that the market will pick up soon.

For that reason, you MUST invest only the extra cash that you can survive without.

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, switching between a bear market and bull market and back in an instant.

Those patient as a bear, strong as a bull, will sail those stormy waters and manage to make more money then what they will lose.

Now, did this post help you to always remember the difference between a Bear market and a Bull market?

“The nature of Bitcoin is such that once version 0.1 was released, the core design was set in stone for the rest of its lifetime.”
—Satoshi Nakamoto, 6/17/2010

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