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The rise in usage of ad-blockers and the increase in ad-blindness spell the need for new digital marketing skills.

Chief Marketing Officers will tell you finding and keeping talent is their No. 1 issue.

Keeping their digital marketing skills current comes second.

For new comers entering the industry, the digital marketing job requirements are quite clear.

The new generation of digital marketers must be able to create content that jumps off smartphones, tablets and laptops and grabs the consumer.

The digital marketing skills one must master

The digital marketing skills list includes:

  • search engine optimization (SEO), link building
  • PPC campaigns management and reporting (AdWords, DoubleClick, Facebook Ads, etc.),
  • social media management,
  • basic HTML, CSS, programing knowledge,
  • good copywriting skills
  • video content marketing,
  • good understanding of how email marketing works,
  • data analysis, analytics, metrics, conversions…

If your digital marketing skills 2017 list doesn’t include these, building a successful marketing career can be a real challenge.

In business, nothing happens until a something is sold. To succeed in online marketing, you need to make sales happen.

So if you’re truly interested in a marketing career in 2017 and beyond you should master these skills.

They will help to make you invaluable to any client or marketing company.

The digital marketing industry is constantly in flux. There is constant pressure for marketing professionals to be aware of the latest developments and product releases. That’s evident by the evolving digital marketing job requirements.

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Required traits for digital marketers

Effective digital marketing skills demand endless acquisition of new techniques.

Whether you’re an inbound marketer, SEO specialist, Pay Per Click executive, social media expert, content marketer, curator or any type of digital marketing professional, it’s vital to continually update your skills and knowledge base.


Digital marketing executives also need to have some traits to get a decent marketing role.

Those traits are (according to managers and business owners):

  • To multitask,
  • to handle stress, deadlines,
  • and to earn the trust of co-workers and clients.

If you can show that you excel in those traits, and…

… fill the digital skills gap, you’ll have a lucrative career ahead.

I say all of this, yet I assure you that the need for digital marketers is greater than ever.

Deliver RoI

Digital marketing career progression depends on the ability to attract customers to their clients’ products and services.

The ability to make traffic going to clients’ sites to grow organically, create more conversions and analyze the results will improve their career arc.

Or in other simple words: to create sales and generate profits.

Because digital marketing is constantly evolving…

… Digital marketers must constantly improve their skills to set themselves apart from the competition…

… to establish themselves and be even more in demand.

The key is to have the right capabilities and to continue to refine their skills.

Master YouTube, the second largest search engine

The ability to effectively combine the creative and technical elements of digital marketing will lead to success in 2017 and beyond for digital marketing specialists.

Video marketing is anticipated to control almost 70% of all consumer traffic.

Mobile video ads are poised to grow exponentially and can generate more conversions.

Content marketing, especially when combined with video, is a specialty on high demand.

This is evidenced by the fact YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world.

Mastering video marketing require some good command of video editing software.

Adobe After Effects is a good premium start for learning how to edit videos simply and quickly.

Davinci Resolve free video editor is a master piece but requires some learning time.

Essential digital marketing tools in 2017

Digital marketing using effective video content can craft a compelling story and attract large audiences while making a brand distinct and memorable.

Almost 80% of small businesses use social media to get a quarter of their new customers.

In 2017, digital marketers must be able to use tools like HootSuite, MailChimp, etc. to reach their target audience.

They can help to create a positive customer experience and develop meaningful relationships between brands and consumers.

This can generate an excellent return on investment by helping businesses better understand and leverage the preferences, needs and challenges of their target audience.

The future of marketing? It all ends with the web

The digital marketing landscape will continue to evolve and expand in 2017 and beyond.

But …

Everything nowadays ends up circling back to the web.We live in a big digital economy.

Using digital marketing to engage consumers remains to be the future.

The “digital marketing” term is going to disappear soon because there’s essentially no other type of marketing these days. -Tom Buday, Global Head of Marketing and Consumer Communication, Nestlé

Digital marketers will do themselves a great favor learning about HTML, CSS, Javascript. Same goes for hosting websites, Content Management System (CMS), e-commerce scripts (i.e. Shopify), etc.

Diversity of education and experience promotes the ‘big picture’ thinking required from great digital marketers.

Marketing automation software can help. They enable marketers to do more tasks with less resources and time.

Online Marketing trends are constantly changing due to technological advancement.

The best prepared digital marketers will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

The ability to research,

…to learn new trends,

…to self-educate,

…and to be hungry for learning new knowledge,

… will help you learn the required digital marketing skills to engage consumers and generate sales.

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