Dubai Streets; vintage cars, graffiti, and more

He who goes for a stroll down Dubai streets, will never know what he / she might run into. In my case, I once found a graffiti painted on some wooden panels surrounding a construction yard, saying: Pull the chord (cord), I’ve seen enough. Dubai municipality is known for not allowing such graffiti in Dubai, and they used to clean it — or rather ask the owners of the premises to do so. Still, graffiti prevails in some areas of Dubai.

Dubai Graffiti

That graffiti in particular is becoming famous, after Timeout Dubai website mentioned it, so here it is, in all of its glory, for your viewing pleasures, before it was removed!

Graffiti in Dubai Streets

Graffiti in Dubai Streets

The same artist strikes in many places all over Dubai streets, as reported by many Dubai expats who appreciate such art form.


We close our eyes hoping for stars to pass through / Michael Coghlan – Flickr

Vintage cars in Dubai Streets

Speaking of Dubai, it’s the city where you can park your car, to find a few millions of dollars worth car, parked next to you. All those muscle and customized / pimped cars is the norm for the residents of Dubai, especially in those neighborhoods where money resides. Here I found a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow classic car, colored bronze, estimated to cost over $20,000 as it’s a rare artifact to find and drive those days. I noticed also few covered vintage cars, but couldn’t get a clear shot for it.

Vintage cars parked in Dubai streets

Vintage cars parked in Dubai streets

Classic Cars will have special Classic plates

Classic Cars will have special Classic plates

Ever wondered how does it look from the highest point of a fly-over? At night? I did and caught it with my rugged iPhone cam!

A night shot for Dubai streets / Shk Zayed St.

Night shot for Dubai streets with a vintage iPhone

I was hoping – once more – to add more photos and info to this post but alas, Dubai makes you too busy to care and capture its wonders and surprises. If you are unlike me, and wouldn’t mind sharing some of those surprises, send them my way to post them here. Cheers.