Twitter Accounts To Follow in Dubai

There will always be many Twitter accounts worthy of your following, but if you were considering visiting Dubai on a business trip, or if you were just interested about this Emirate / city that made the whole world come to know about it and its achievements, then this list below is worth your while. Yours truly has hand picked those accounts, based on my experience gained about this charming city.

My list of the Top 8 Twitter Accounts to follow in Dubai (circa 2011)

1 – @UAENews

They claim to be the one stop source for major UAE News feeds! This Twitter account Will give you a feeling for what the whole UAE media is talking about. You need to follow this account to stay up to date with what’s happening on the official front in UAE.

Twitter Accounts for Dubai Informer and Cobone Dubai

Twitter Accounts for Dubai Informer and Cobone Dubai

2 – @Dubaiinformer

An expat version of what’s hot and what’s not, when it comes to Dubai news. It’s the source for the unofficial news happening in Dubai, the things you may need to know about like road accidents, price hikes, holidays, what to do and not to do in Dubai. Plagued with some classifieds ads.

3 – @TimeOutDubai

The unofficial official twitter account to follow to enjoy life in Dubai. It tweets about what to do in Dubai for some recreation, nightlife, eating out, restaurants, discounts, dancing the night out, etc.

4 – @Cobonedubai

Update: for some reason beyond me, Cobone has disabled their Twitter account! They only use Facebook and Google+ for the time being.

This account is all about deals and discounts for products and services (and even gigs) in Dubai. Never pay the full price again. Some offers are worthless though, some are diamonds in the rough that needs digging deep. Advice for the wise, create a fake email address to register for such websites, as they bombard you with shameless marketing emails.

5- @MissGoogle / Stephanie Terroir

Although a mom of two, the Miss Google nickname got stuck to her. Stephanie Terroir is an American ex-art director turned co-founder, twitting about her company (sigh!), her daily findings, and some rants about life in Dubai and the Middle East!

6 – @DXBMediaOffice
Nothing much to say, it’s the official Twitter feed from the Government of Dubai Media Office.

7 – @Dubai Weather
Not that it changes that much or can become unpredictable, yet it’s a nice service provided by Yahoo Weather!

8 – @trafficdxb

This Twitter account for Dubai roads provides great traffic updates. Dubai drivers and commuters contribute with their observations about roads and transports. The account is maned by managers Javed Khamisani.

Twitter Accounts for MyDubai and What's On Dubai

Twitter Accounts for MyDubai and What’s On Dubai

9 – @MyDubai

#MyDubai started out as a hashtag that became so famous that it became a Twitter account which started to document the lives of Dubai’s residents and visitors. Great photos nevertheless. This #tag is used by many official Twitter accounts in Dubai.

And as a bonus, here is the account for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai. The account is not that active, but it’s worth following nevertheless.