Facebook brand pages is a series business and LARGE marketing departments exist only for that purpose. Facebook has bypassed search engines as the number one source for bringing visitors to my blogs. That’s the case with many other bloggers and websites. The old saying: “Facebook is the internet” might not be that far from the truth at the moment. With Facebook’s total number of users crossing 1.4 billion users, and if we assume majority of those are real not fake, that means Facebook reaches ~17% of the world’s population.

I’ve read the results of many studies and surveys (coming from ExactTarget, eConsultancy, GetSatisfaction, etc) aimed at understanding why do people follow Facebook Brand Pages or in other words: any ‘Brand Page’ on Facebook. I’ve found many similarities in the results, which I’m listing here below.

1 — Discounts, Sales, Special Offers, Promotions, Perks, etc

Majority of Facebook users following a brand page expect to read about promotions and special discounts. They are actually seeking good deals and benefits, and they expect to be notified long before a sales promotion or an online contest is on. They also expect freebies, samples, coupons and discount codes in return for being loyal fans to the brand. According to eConsultancy, females tend to follow brands on Facebook more than males!

2 — Facebook Brand Pages Enable Brand Loyalty

One of the most favored Facebook Brand Pages

One of the most favored Facebook Brand Pages

Do you love the Ferrari brand? Join ~17 million fans who follow its official page on Facebook. Imagine sharing an image of the forthcoming Ferrari model posted by the official Facebook page on your Timeline! You can’t be a true brand’s fan, unless you follow its page on Facebook and share its latest news. You can go the extra mile and start answering other fans questions and solve their problems as well.

“After Google+, Facebook shares were found to be the second-most important factor with regard to ranking on Google.” -L2 CEO Scott Galloway

3 — Be The First To Know

Fans take pride in being the first to know about when will a new product be released by their beloved brand, or the date of the forthcoming sales promotion. Is there a new CEO joining the company? Was a milestone reached recently? Did a product set a new record in terms of sales (beating a competitor) or increase its market share? Whatever it is, fans want to know it first. A Facebook page should satisfy this need to know.

4 — Leave Feedback/ Complain

When fans love a brand, they take the extra step to report any problem with any product or service. On the other hand, decent brands reply to messages posted on their Facebook pages faster than they do on emails, making more and more users opt to leave their complaints there. If there was a real problem with the brand posted on its Facebook page, most probably it will be remedied promptly and generously, before it becomes a media nightmare, with a backlash from other users. Power to the people is what comes to my mind!

5 — Some Shopping

There have been contradicting feedback about Facebook e-commerce. According to L2, a digital think tank based in New York City, small companies stand a better chance selling their goods on their Facebook pages, while specialty retail stores tried, failed and stopped selling on Facebook, opting to use it only as a communication channel. For every failed incident, you can list another that did well selling on Facebook. It’s safe to say that some people go shopping on Facebook, but it’s still a trend to keep your eye on for the moment. With free selling apps like Ecwid, it won’t hurt to give it a try.

“Facebook-based store sales grew 267% in Q4 2012.” -Jim O”Hara, Ecwid President

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  1. Monica M
    Monica M says:

    I use social media to follow places on Twitter and Facebook. Whenever I have feedback or a complaint, I go there first. I typically get a very fast response. Great idea!

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