The Emirati wedding planning portal offers Emirati bride about to get married in the UAE five essential tips. Those tried and trusted tips come with a guarantee to save time, money and effort. They are the result of the experience gathered while providing extensive online information about every aspect of the wedding industry in the UAE. allows its visitors to interact with each other, and to share their experiences, while browsing the free online listings of wedding vendors on the site. This interaction helped to gauge the wedding trends in the UAE. With that in mind, offers the following tips:’s Tips For Every Emirati Bride

1 — Set a specific budget for the whole wedding from beginning to end

Write down all the essential necessities. Put an initial estimate for each element of this budget. This arrangement makes the bride well-informed about the money left at hand. This knowledge will bring ease of mind, and allow the bride to know exactly how far she can stretch the budget, and what she can eliminate. also offers free bridal planners and easy checklists for free download.

A custom made cake for the Emirati Bride

A custom made cake for the Emirati Bride

2 — There is no need to buy everything before the wedding day

As many things can be purchased after the wedding ceremony – such as new clothes. Implementing this concept helps alleviate the psychological burden and stress, and helps shorten the time needed to complete the wedding.

3 — Rent, don’t buy

A new trend is gaining momentum at the moment in the UAE, as more brides opt to rent their wedding gowns and jewelry, instead of buying anew. The local rental outlets offer many models and designs following the latest fashion. Such option allows the bride to save some money to use for buying other important things.

4 — Avoid peak time, save $$$

The UAE has two wedding peaks, the first one takes place during December and January of each year, and the second during May and June. Outside of these peaks, the wedding halls are available for reservation, and most importantly, at great discount that can reach 50%. Set your wedding date outside of these peak times, and the total cost will be reduced significantly.

5 —Don’t break the bank for your honeymoon

Based on the comments of members, young Emirati honeymooners prefer to spend their honeymoon in the emirate of Fujairah. This is because of its luxury hotels with affordable prices, and the beautiful scenery for which the emirate is famous. The couples who prefer to travel outside the UAE, they usually pick Malaysia in the Far East. As for those who prefer to go west, an increasing number of couples are praising Austria, for its gorgeous landscapes, lush greenery and competitive prices, which makes for the perfect romantic destination.

According to Murshed Ahmed, CEO and cofounder of, approximately 8000 Arabian weddings take place in the UAE every year. He estimates the size of the UAE wedding industry to cross U$550 million per year.

Launched in October 2008, is a wedding planning portal reaching out to Emirati and Arab brides-to-be in the United Arab Emirates. It lists local vendors from every spectrum of the wedding industry. It helps them to easily advertise and offer the future brides the widest range of options. That includes dressmakers, video/photographers, artists and musicians.

The word ‘Yebab’ is famous in the Arabian Gulf culture. It means a loud celebratory whistle that Arab women make at weddings, to express their joy and happiness.

According to a survey by IIR Middle East carried out in 2008 during the Bride Show Dubai, 34% of attendees said they will spend between 100,000 to 250,000 Dirhams on their wedding day. 24% said they will spend 250,000 to 500,000 Dirhams, while 19% said they will spend more than half a million.

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