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Top Five Tips To Reduce Work Stress

Around 92% of employees in the US alone have been more stressed out at work over the past five years than they were before the recession, according to Right Management. Work stress is a silent killer that can ruin anyone’s life and career, albeit it can be stopped and reduced with some simple life tips.

Additionally, the American Psychological Association states that nearly a quarter of Americans currently feel like they are under “extreme stress,” largely related to job security and financial issues. This life-wrecking pressure can’t go on and has to be addressed and reduced, for a long healthy and productive life and career.

Recognizing that the first step to a more laid-back, and healthier lifestyle is reducing stress in the workplace, Online office supplies retailer OfficeZilla offers five strategies to help employees effectively decrease personal stress in the office each day:

To reduce work stress, you better do the following and tell us the results:

1 – Avoid Stressful People

Stress in general, and work stress in particular, is a contagious poison, and stressful people will demoralize you. Try to distance yourself from people that are stressed, while getting closer to cheerful and optimistic colleagues. You’ll notice a significant change in your mood afterwards.

2 – Prioritize, Manage your Time

To tackle a heavy workload and reduce your work stress, all you need to do is to prioritize, not procrastinate. At the beginning of each day, identify what absolutely must get done now and, most importantly, set a time-frame for the rest of the work to be done that day. Keep a to-do checklist and cross off items as you go. Crossing off items is gratifying and you will feel much less stressed throughout the day when you can physically see that things are getting done.

3 – Slow it Down, Pace Not Race

Life is not a race, no matter whoever would tell you otherwise! Slow down and breath slowly, and you will notice a significant drop in your stress levels. Leave plenty of extra time to get places. Plan ahead for work deadlines so you are not always cramming under pressure and feeling more work stress. Take a moment to enjoy life around. Remember the famous quote: Slowly but surely.

4 – Take a Break

It’s a common fact that when employees are stressed and overwhelmed, their productivity drops significantly. When you find yourself overwhelmed with work stress, take a break. Even 10 minutes away from the task helps to refresh your mind and soul. Take deep breaths. Go to your happy place. When you come back, you’ll feel fresh, revived and ready to take it all on.

5 – Don’t Bring Work Home

Working after hours is a recipe for social life disaster. Sometimes it’s necessary to work overtime and bring work home, but it should never become a daily routine. Before bringing work home, think about whether the project absolutely must get done that night. In most instances, it can likely wait. If you work from home, choose a cutoff point and stick to it. And, watch out for that mobile device … constant emails on your phone outside the office are unhealthy on multiple levels.

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  1. jordan
    jordan says:

    I try to create a task list and just start from top to bottom. It can really help you if you just FOCUS on the task at hand. And try to eliminate the negative nancies in your life.


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