Ford Escape 2015: 5 Reasons To / NOT To Buy It

I’ll give it to you right away: it’s money!

If you love Ford in spite of its many recalls, wouldn’t mind owning a compact crossover, okay with the fact that Ford Escape has an average resale value, then the Ford Escape 2015 is the right choice for you.

In its third generation, after a total redo in 2012, the 2015 Ford Escape (base model costs $22.5K) is again one of the contending picks in the compact crossover utility vehicle market.

A true World car, its performance, fuel efficiency, agile handling and high tech features set it apart from the competition.

A few competitors give the Ford Escape a run for its money.

Deciding which one is right for you will be easier if you know a more about this little SUV.

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U.S. News & World Report ranks the Ford Escape 2015 fourth of its 23 affordable compact crossover SUV’s.

Now, I’ll list my 5 best reasons for buying the Ford Escape 2015, followed by another 5 good reasons NOT to buy it.

The wisdom here is simple, if you were to buy the Ford Escape 2015, then it must be for those 5 reasons…

…and if you were to avoid this SUV, then those must be your reasons for such a decision.

Your Five Reasons to Buy the Ford Escape 2015

1. Fuel Economy / Fuel Consumption of the Ford Escape

Exceptional fuel economy, and the best, comes from the low maintenance, 178 horsepower, 1.6-liter, turbo-charged, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, that returns an estimated 23/32 mpg, city/hwy [ 8.8/12.6 KM/L, city/hwy ] and when equipped with all-wheel drive powertrain, the Ford Escape 2015 boasts a respectable 22/30 mpg, city/hwy (or 12.8 / 9.4 Litres per 100 KMs).

The base S model comes equipped with a 168 horsepower, 2.5-liter, four cylinder engine that returns an estimated 22/31 mpg, city/hwy with no available 4WD powertrain.

The most powerful option is the 240hp, 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, which returns 22/30 mpg, city/hwy.

2. Performance / Handling

All Ford Escape 2015 models use a six-speed shiftable automatic transmission to power the front wheels and provide agile responsive performance.

Models equipped with the 1.6 or 2.0 liter power plant have the option of 4WD.

When powered with the 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine, the Ford Focus will scoot from 0-60 mph in a flat seven seconds.

That’s quick and with a combined 25 mpg, that is guiltless pleasure.

Ford Escape 2015's engine

Ford Escape 2015’s engine


3. Trim Levels / Features

Its sporty looks not only please the eye, the Ford Escapes beauty is more than skin deep. It flows into eco-conscious interior where Ford uses recycled materials for the car’s interior.

Available in three models, the S (base), SE and Titanium editions.

So, finding one that suits your needs is easy, but choosing the one you want may be a little more difficult.

The many available options, will enable you to trim your Escape to suit your tastes.

Ford Escape 2015's interior

Ford Escape 2015’s interior


4. Convenience

The class exclusive hands free, foot activated lift gate will make your loading and unloading of the rear storage area easy and convenient.

Ford’s exclusive SYNC with MyFord (standard on SE and SEL) or SYNC with MyFord Touch (standard with Titanium package) gives you voice control of your phone, voice activated music search and SYNC AppLink, which uses your voice to control some mobile apps.

5. Safety

Safety is first and with four-wheel anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control RSC (Roll Stability Control) with curve control that slows you down if you approach a curve too fast, and a standard rear-view camera on all models, the Ford Escape 2015 is not only economical, it is also safe.

Headrests for all seats, as well as front and rear air bags will keep the occupants safe in the event of a collision.

Ford Escape 2015's safety

Ford Escape 2015’s safety test result


Five Reasons NOT to Buy the Ford Escape 2015

1. Too Much Plastic

Few owners of the Ford Escape 2015 complained that the interior uses too much plastic on the cabin and the black plastic exterior trim.

Apart from looking cheap, they cause some uncertainty about how long would it last and can it stand the test of time?

Ford’s decision to use more of recyclables inside the Escape can be the tradeoff for the lack of comfort for those who purchase this vehicle.

2. Stiff Ride

The firm, sport ride may put some off, especially if you are used to the softer rider of a bigger SUV, or sedan.

Although it sits on the underpinnings of the Ford Kuga, which was designed in Europe, it is still a small SUV that sits on a short wheelbase.

An easier ride will be found in the Ford Edge or Flex, both have longer wheelbases and a more sedan like ride.

3. Frustrating High-Tech Electronics

Many owners reported having issues with the interface of the SYNC infotainment and navigation system.

This is not a very good reason not to buy a car.

But a car should offer its owner an easy ride,

Not remind him of how out of sync he is with the latest auto tech.

4. No V6 Options

With the update to the third generation of the Escape, the 3.0-liter Duratec 30 V6 was dropped from the option list of the Ford Escape.

But it was replaced by the EcoBoost 2.0-liter which puts out -as per Ford- equal amounts of horsepower, and exceeds the torque of the V-6.

However, some purchasers would like to see the V6 on the Escapes option list. It comes handy in certain situations. It might mean the difference between getting stuck in the mud or coming out of it.

The smaller chassis size of the Escape was the cause of the power change, as well as the power of the EcoBoost line of engines.

5. Not all Owners Reached Stated Fuel Economy

One common complaint from owners of the Ford Escape is its failure to reach stated fuel mileage goals (Source).

Many factors, like driving and maintenance habits, road conditions and weather have a big effect on the mileage of any vehicle.

Yet many current owners of the Ford Escape have reported that no matter how hard they try, they failed to achieve the numbers Ford claims the Escape can achieve.

[This was but one complaint of several owners, which doesn’t indicate that the Escape will not reach mileage ability.]

Ford Escape resale value in the UAE

Many readers reached this post while looking for a review of the Ford Escape 2015 in UAE.

For those, you need to know that Ford has a low resale value in the UAE.

Second hand Ford models are known to be sold at cheap prices (considerably).

Meanwhile, Spare parts would cost you an arm and a leg.

The Ford Escape is not an exception.

Still, Al Tayer Motors (Ford’s dealer in UAE) offers some good deals on Ford’s list of cars:

  • Free insurance for the first year,
  • Free vehicle registration,
  • Warranty for 5 years,
  • Free service for 5 years,

Which eventually shifts the odds in their favor.

Still, the unwritten rule is to buy a Ford and flip it after 3 years.