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When it comes to impressing kids, you might feel like having to work hard to top your efforts of the previous year. But the truth is that most kids are pretty easy to please.

You don’t need to blow a wad of dough on your children birthday parties to deliver a party that is fun; they’d be happy just running around the yard with their friends.

But you still want to make your child’s birthday special. All while finding a way to entertain a roomful of kids is definitely on the agenda.

If you’re looking for a truly spectacular (but not necessarily spendy) ideas for Birthday Parties they’ll never forget. Here are just a few ideas you may want to try out.

1. Birthday Parties Best Idea: Build a massive fort.

What kid doesn’t love an amazing and complex blanket fort?

You can go all out with yours, hanging blankets from the ceiling and throwing pillows and sleeping pads all over the living room to create a massive tent for your child’s sleepover.

You could include hanging lights, a canopy of glow-in-the-dark stars, and flashlights, or even decorate some large cardboard boxes to make corner towers or other decorations.

This is one of the most successful ideas for birthday parties.

The best idea for Birthday Parties: a massive blanket fort

The best idea for Birthday Parties: a massive blanket fort

Then pop some corn and treat it like the coolest camp-out ever, complete with ghost stories or a scary movie (that is age appropriate). And don’t forget to create a spectacular entrance, complete with a password to keep out unwanted guests (like parents).

2. Plan a scavenger hunt.

Engaging the interest of kids isn’t too difficult, especially if you keep them on their toes. To that end, retain the services of other parents to act as chaperones and chauffeurs and send the kids out seeking fun and interesting objects on a list.

If you don’t want birthday parties to stray too far, contain the items to your home or ask neighbors if they might be willing to participate in the fun.

Then give out prizes to all of the groups that return with the items listed (they all should with parents helping to decipher clues).

3. Have a monster’s ball.

With imaginative kids latching on to the current culture of monster love, your children will probably jump at the chance to have monster-themed birthday parties.

Lately, it seems like you can’t blink without encountering the zombies, vampires, and aliens. Those are permeating every level of pop culture, including the younger generation, with cartoons, movies, and even dolls (Monster High merchandise may just give Bratz a run for their money).

So set up a craft station and have kids make their very own monster masks. This makes for a wild rumpus that is straight out of Where the Wild Things Are.

4. Modern game day.

Board games can be fun, but most kids these days love video games.

However, many are not suitable for large groups (allowing only one or two players at a time and offering extended gameplay rather than short sections). So think about setting up Rock Band or DDR.

You can get 2-4 kids playing at a time and turns are limited to the length of a song so the players can swap frequently.

5. Take a hike.

Forget about the high price of admission at zoos and theme parks and get your group of kids out into nature for a fun and educational hike. See if you can hire a guide to show you some cool locations and point out flora and fauna along the way.

Then end the foray into the wild with a picnic on the park benches and a few outdoor games (Frisbee, softball, soccer, etc.).

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