Small kitchen remodeling can and will come with a big price tag. Yet this should not turn people away from renovating this key part of their homes because the benefits outweigh the costs. Remodeling gives way for a well-designed kitchen with minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. Here are six ways to remodel a small kitchen on a budget.
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WoW players in the Middle East, educated guess in 2011

So it happened in one of my job interviews, and that question was addressed to me: how can you make an educated guess and calculate how many World of Warcraft gamers / WoW players are there in the Middle East region?

Truth be told, I wasn’t prepared for such a question, and my top-of-my-head answer at that interview did not satisfy me, so I decided to dig deeper, and do the math on my own, specially that Blizzard / Activision do not share such statistics.
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Late 2010, Sallie Mae organized a poll that asked Americans about their top money goals for 2011. Results showed 20% planing to cut general costs and expenses, 16% to pay down credit cards, and 13% to take a vacation or make a major purchase. For any family sending a student to college, one of the smartest moves is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Based on their vast experience in offering Money Saving consultancy services, Sallie Mae compiled their top money saving tips for education and life in the US and they are:
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According to a new survey conducted by Cardbeat and Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG), more than three-quarters (76%) of American consumers have an active PayPal account. This percentage rose up sharply from 55% in their 2008 survey.

Still, PayPal accounts for less than 10% of total online sales volume in 2010. The seemingly inexorable growth of online e-commerce websites and trade drives more and more dollars to the payment service. Final volume counts still await the end of the holiday shopping season. PayPal reported a 27% increase over 2009 in Black Friday online payments.
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List of All Public Relations Agencies in Dubai

Business in Dubai requires a good relationship with media and members of the press and the best way to establish that is by entrusting reliable Public Relations Agencies in Dubai to handle your business.

Yet there are 100+ public relations agencies and firms in Dubai.

They vary from small boutique shops to branches of major international PR agencies.

Choosing which one to go with needs some thorough research and comparison.

After working for around 2 decades as a journalist, writer, and editor in the media sector with various Dubai publishers, full-time, part-time and as a freelancer, and after covering many activities and events, I’ve compiled my own tried & tested detailed list of PR agencies in Dubai.

Having said this, please note that PR companies in Dubai keep coming and going. It’s very easy to setup a PR agency in Dubai!

On the other hand, PR executives keep on changing agencies. Same thing applies for clients.

So, enough said, on with the list.

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A strong password is a title that keeps changing hands year after year, specially with the rapid advances in tech. In 2010, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. announced the findings of a ZoneAlarm survey, revealing that 79% of consumers use risky password construction practices, such as including personal information and words.

26% of respondents confessed to reusing the same password for important accounts such as email, banking or shopping and social networking sites. In addition, as much as 8% admitted to copying an entire password found online in a listing of “good” passwords.
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The Emirati wedding planning portal offers Emirati bride about to get married in the UAE five essential tips. Those tried and trusted tips come with a guarantee to save time, money and effort. They are the result of the experience gathered while providing extensive online information about every aspect of the wedding industry in the UAE.
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Debt Burst help clients manage their finances, take control of their lives, create a secure financial future and most of all become debt free. They’ve helped over 40,000 clients and settled over $1 million dollars of debt from 2007 to 2010. Debt Burst sent out some sound tips, which we can put to good use while investing or considering to.

We start with some investment categories to consider when identifying, defining, and planning out the investment goals. Be sure to make short term and long-term goals and strategies.
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In my Arabic blog (, I write a lot about entrepreneurs and their success stories, and Pierre Omidyar (eBay Founder) was one of them.

Lately, a blog reader and friend asked me to write for little ones as well.

I thought about for too long…

…and found that the best way to approach youngsters is through comics and graphic novels.
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