Debt Burst help clients manage their finances, take control of their lives, create a secure financial future and most of all become debt free. They’ve helped over 40,000 clients and settled over $1 million dollars of debt from 2007 to 2010. Debt Burst sent out some sound tips, which we can put to good use while investing or considering to.

We start with some investment categories to consider when identifying, defining, and planning out the investment goals. Be sure to make short term and long-term goals and strategies.
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In my Arabic blog (, I write a lot about entrepreneurs and their success stories, and Pierre Omidyar (eBay Founder) was one of them.

Lately, a blog reader and friend asked me to write for little ones as well.

I thought about for too long…

…and found that the best way to approach youngsters is through comics and graphic novels.
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In terms of Photography, Aerial view or Bird’s eye view is the view of an object from above, as if the observer were a bird.

Bird’s eye view photography is often used in making blueprints, floor plans and maps.

Thanks to drones getting advanced and cheaper, bird’s eye view photography is on the rise.

Not only that, but air-borne cameras keep advancing and reaching new heights (literally!).

I’ve hand-picked some of the best Bird’s eye view pictures taken by various artists in Dubai, UAE.

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haunted hotels

With Halloween just days away, the editors of Travelocity (one of the largest travel companies in the world) have picked six of their favorite haunted hotels around the US, and they are:

Haunted Hotels : 1- Hotel Jerome, Aspen, CO

The iconic Hotel Jerome’s 120-year history includes a resident ghost known as ‘water boy.’

Legend has it that in 1936, a 10-year-old drowned in the hotel’s swimming pool. The family stayed in Room 310, which overlooked the pool, on that fateful visit.

Throughout the years, many guests and hotel employees have encountered the ghost of the small boy. He is always soaking wet and will not speak, leaving behind only wet footprints. The haunting always occurs near Room 310. Read more about the Hotel Jerome.
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Ethos Consultancy announced the results of its 6th Annual UAE Bank Benchmarking Index for service excellence to find out the best banks in UAE. Ethos researchers conducted 483 branch visits, contacted Call Centers to make 378 inquiries, and submitted 231 inquiries via bank websites. This year’s (2010) study covered a total of 21 UAE retail banks, comprising 15 local and 6 international banks and focused on three geographical areas of operation, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.
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A study by the authors of the New York Times bestseller Crucial Conversations showed that employees with poor people skills pay a “jerk tax” when being considered for promotion. The online poll, which analyzed 1,650 promotions, debunked the common misconception that jerky behavior is necessary to get ahead in business. The study collected responses via an online survey from 550 book readers in September of 2010 and according to its results, 92% said having poor interpersonal skills hinders advancement in their organization.
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Exceptional customer service experience creates loyal customers.

Customer service has the power to impact a company’s top and bottom lines, as studies show.

According to the Customer Experience Report, a Harris Interactive study sponsored by RightNow Technologies, customer experience is playing a significant role in determining where consumers choose to shop and how much they are willing to spend.

85% of participating consumers said they would be willing to pay more over the standard price of a good or service to ensure a superior customer experience.

Of those consumers that said they would pay more for an excellent customer experience:

  • 55% would pay 10% or more
  • 27% would pay 15% or more
  • 10% would pay 25% or more

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Solid State Drive

It really doesn’t matter which SSD you’ll end up buying. By any means, they will all be better than the hard disk drive you are using today. Apart from quick boot times, the other most notable point is Windows responsiveness. Basically, everything is instant, it is a cheer joy to double click the Outlook  icon, and it pops up instantly in your face.

Having said that, you shall find endless articles discussing which SSD model or brand to buy, and you will get lost easily. If you trust Amazon’s Bestseller list, then go for Intel X25 line of SSDs. A good entry point is the Intel 80 GB X25M Mainstream SATA II Solid-State Drive Retail Package one. If you can afford it, then by all means grab the 160GB or above.
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Solid State Drive

SSD (or Solid State Drive) is the new trend at the moment in the world of computers, held back by its high introductory prices. As those prices keep coming down, holding on to a traditional hard drive is not a wise decision any more. In layman terms, SSDs are fast and silent, and consume less power.

Why would anyone ditch his/her trusted hard drive and go for a SSD? Because the time saved will deem it a worthy decision. Booting Windows/Mac OS from a SSD takes around 30% of the same time needed when booting from the usual hard drive with its rotating platters and moving parts. Launching applications is nearly instantaneous, and you do not torture yourself with the constant noise coming from the hard drive with its spinning platters.
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