A Mini Cooper zooming down the street can entice any driver. These little / mini vehicles come in an array of different colours and designs that are very stylish. It’s hard for a driver not to notice these mini cars. The hard top and convertibles are so sexy.

Minis are almost like little race cars that have abandoned the race track for the freedom of the open road. The most popular models are the hardtops and convertibles, but the Mini Coupe, Clubman, Countryman, and John Cooper Works models are also available. Here I shall list strong reasons to love the Minis:

1 – A Mini is Affordable to drive

All of the models average more than 30 MPG and this is actually making them more affordable to drive. The 2015 Mini Cooper S 2dr Convertible (1.6L 4cyl 6M) can get 449 miles (Highway) on one full tank of gas (equal to 11.6 gallons). This is very impressive mileage.

2 – Great looks, inside out

The great thing about these vehicles is that they look good on the inside and out. The big lights are cool and the stripes across some of the models add an extra flare that is unlike any other cars on the market. The inside of the Minis are classic in design.

The Dashboard of any Cooper Mini will make you look.

The Dashboard of any Cooper Mini will make you look.

They look much like something that has come straight out of movie. The two tone colour blends of most of the cars show beautiful craftsmanship that brings style to a new forefront. There may not be a more beautiful interior design on the market.

Some Minis force you to stop and look!

A Mini can easily force you to stop and look! / Photo credit: MWMGraphics

3 – Powerful engines

It is almost hard to believe that these cars have a 208-HP turbocharged engine because they are so small. They may look like cute little cars, but they have a monster of an engine underneath the hood. This is another thing that is appealing to power drivers in need of a small size ride.

4 – Sporty Sports

These vehicles are sporty, and this is one reason why they are mainly so popular among young drivers and petrol heads. College students absolutely adore them due to high gas mileage and top speed. This is why Minis are seen on college campuses around the world. This is the cool thing about the Mini: it’s sporty, without being actually a sports car. It’s the guilty pleasure vehicle that parents buy for their children to rekindle their own youth.

5 – Smells like teen spirit

These cars are also known to bring forth a certain zestful spirit that captivates drivers who are young at heart. Seasoned adults look at these cars in magazines and instantly reminisce. Anyone who is having a midlife crisis should probably stay away from these vehicles. One quick test drive will have middle aged men and women sitting at a dealership watching a salesperson present financing options.

If you were in Dubai and looking to buy a Mini, start your holy trail by visiting the Cooper Mini dealer in Dubai, the one who hangs a Mini on its entrance. Wait, what? Many of them do this? A:right then, he is the one in Dubai Media City then. Crazy agents with their crazy deals on crazy cars I guess, won’t you say?

I want to thank you my dear reader for keeping up with my rants and reading till the end. If I had a Mini gift, I’d give it to every reader who crosses the end line!