Now you can indulge in one of the finest experiences of enjoying your favourite tunes by tuning to the Samsung R7 wireless speaker, available by the technical name Radiant 360 R7 Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker.

This highly efficient wireless speaker system has been specially designed to emit sound in a 360-degree radius so that the entire room gets a steady stream of the music waves.

Unlike the other normal speakers, this omni-directional sound distribution system allows you to enjoy music sitting in any corner of the room without changing the physical direction of the speaker.

If you are looking for a speaker system that can avoid a single sweet spot and produce music for the entire room equivocally, Samsung R7 is the right choice for you. Its sleek egg –shaped design makes it fit for the purpose and goes well with your home decor too.Elegance comes with a steep price tag, as this beauty will set you off by around $370 (see here).

Samsung R7 / WAM7501 Wireless Speaker

Samsung R7 / WAM7501 Wireless Speaker

Most of us nowadays rarely sit in a place and enjoy music. It is more of a background application which we want to enjoy while doing other work. This function is best served by the Samsung R7 wireless speaker system which has been specially designed for such users who want to listen to quality sounds from all parts of the room while engaged in other works.

Wireless via Wi-Fi

Through a special Samsung Multiroom App (available for free download on Android and iOS) you can stream your music from your mobile device and through Wi-Fi to the Samsung R7 Speaker system and control your speaker (s) through any room of your home. Nice addition is that you can control the played music even when the mobile phone screen is locked. Attention to little details rules.

With your mobile device, you can control the speaker on its own, or it can also be a part of a group of speakers in a multi-room system. Early buyers of the Samsung R7 complained of the limitations of the Samsung Multiroom App, but it was then updated with extra features and bug-fixes.

And Via Bluetooth 4.0

For playing video, just forget it. Simply! The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity option is useless for playing video. The performance suffer from a time lag that can reach up to 2 seconds, which is horrendous.

On the other hand, when streaming audio, the time lag is of no effect. The main benefit of connecting to the Samsung R7 via Bluetooth is that you do not need to download / use the Samsung Multiroom App.

Samsung Sound Connect

If you own a Samsung TV with the Sound Connect feature, you can connect the Samsung R7 Speaker and stream audio wirelessly through your Samsung TV too. This enables you to enjoy the video display of your Samsung TV along with seamlessly flowing audio through your Samsung R7 wireless speakers. There is a little time lag, nevertheless, but you can live with it though.

Those controls are essential for setting up the speaker for use for the first time, a 5 minutes step.

Those controls are essential for setting up the speaker for use for the first time, a 5 minutes step.

Black or White

The Samsung R7 comes in two main colors: Black and White. The Black colored model is dubber WAM7500 while the White is dubbed WAM7501. There is a third color as well, Dark Grey, but we love the white one and we’d advise you to go with it. It’s more cheerful.


The Samsung R7 Wireless Speaker, also called per its model number: WAM7500 (The white colored speaker is dubbed WAM7501), is not as portable as its predecessor the Samsung R6. You can rely on the beautiful chrome stand. Or, you can opt to buy the optional tripod floor stand or the ceiling to install the R7 on the floor or let it dangle from the ceiling.

You may be tempted to leave this speaker on the floor. DON’T. The R7 performs better and gives amazing audio when you place above ground-level.

Samsung R7 is better enjoyed with the tripod mount

Samsung R7 is better enjoyed with the tripod mount

In the box, you shall find a big cloth bag to carry the speaker in it while moving around. Nice addition, no doubt there.

Multi Speaker System

Even if you plan to enjoy party music that is louder but still enjoyable, you can connect up to 10 speakers so that a powerful sound system is created. This multi speaker connection does not change the quality of the sound produced by the R7 speakers. The Group and Surround features help you streamline the music through various speakers conveniently. There is hardly any delay or dropout during streaming music and you can easily use this system in open areas too. Its high frequencies are crisp and result in an open sound.

Can I connect the Samsung R7 to my desktop / PC?

Short answer: yes and now! Well, you can’t setup the Samsung R7 as a wireless speaker to your PC. But you can download the driver for the speaker from and then share media files from your PC. Afterwards, you can access those media files from the mobile phone controlling the speaker. You can only play audio files, although you can browse video files and folders. If you try, you’ll get the: file type not supported error message. Oh, and you can’t read Arabic file names as well (show up as gibberish). Something Samsung should consider, as entertainment is an International language.

To Buy Or Not To Buy The Samsung R7

If you look at the Samsung R7 as a simple wireless speaker, then you’ll come to the conclusion that its price is steep and cheaper alternatives will look more appealing. While if you look at the R7 as a mobile multi-room speaker system with an amazing remote control app, crisp sound, and the high quality appeal of Samsung, then it will look more appealing as a wireless 360 degree sound field speaker solution.