Why you MUST use Samsung SideSync in your Social Media Marketing

My life was miserable until someone told me to start using the amazing Samsung SideSync application. Here’s my story:

As a marketing communications specialist, I’m tasked with writing content for social media accounts.

I’m also in charge of posting the right content to the right social media channel. (i.e. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram, etc.).

Using my humble Samsung Android phone, I used to suffer with the inaccurate navigation of the touch screen, the lack of proper copy / paste functions, and most of all: the inability to use the glorious mouse! [Shoot me, I’m an avid point-and-click type of user]

So here I was covering a Gala Dinner, the MC goes on stage, invites guests to collect their awards, ask the VIPs to come on stage for a group-photo, and then the night entertainment program starts, where many of the invited guest participate in trivia-like activities to win little prizes.

My task was to cover all of that heated action with photos and text, all in the right time. I used to struggle with shooting the perfect photo, typing on the touch screen, making sure not to make typing mistakes, and praying the world would wait till I finish all of this.

Of course, no one waits for the social media manager till he finishes posting. You can bet / count on that. I used to hear the complaints of the boss: why didn’t you post my photo here, there, and everywhere!!

No one seems to understand how slow it is to post with a mobile phone. Even when I did post, I used to receive more complaints: you did not mention my full title, or you (put curse words here)! you got my name wrong, or this is not my name (or title)!

A Wireless Keyboard? Not Enough.

To turn those tides to play in my favor, I tried using a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. It was a small step in the right direction, but it left lots of things to be desired.

I wanted the ability to point and click, and to select text for copy / paste. I also needed to open emails and Word documents to get the correct title of some dignitaries, or the correct title of an award and in which category was it awarded.

A better solution was needed, and based upon a tip from the IT guy in our company, I embarked on a journey to try some piece of software called:

Enter Samsung SideSync

Thankfully, the Gala Dinner was taking place in a major hotel, where over 1200+ guests were supposed to attend. Yours truly was tasked with managing the social media accounts and to cover the event.

Thanks to my newly discovered social media app; Samsung SideSync, I was able to copy / paste the complete names and titles of speakers, and to quote some paragraphs from their speeches.

I had another colleague taking photos and beaming them up to my Samsung Mobile Phone via WhatsApp. Along with the text copy I prepared for the event long before, I was able to achieve an amazing rate of 1 full-fledged post with a photo each 3-5 minutes.

Samsung SideSync in a glance

Samsung SideSync in a glance

One Man Show, Thanks to Samsung SideSync

The followers of our social media accounts were amazed, it was close to a live feed, and many opted to re-share my social media posts instead of posting their own.

The amount of information provided in each post even encouraged some users to copy my text and paste it on their photos and posts, thus giving more exposure to our event. Same thing happend to the list of hashtags (#s) we were using. (no, our main hashtag did not trend on Twitter that night!)

No one seemed to imagine that all of this coverage was the work of one man and his Samsung phone, and this incredible piece of the software I’m reviewing for you here below.

Basically, Samsung SideSync is software product exclusively developed for Samsung smartphones and tablets.

It offers solutions to allow a user to share screens, windows, and data between a Samsung smartphone / tab and PC.

It syncs Samsung smartphone apps to your PC. The first version of the software was released in 2013. Earlier versions than 4.0 did not offer support for PCs not manufactured by Samsung. The latest version also supports installation on both Windows and Mac PCs.

Samsung SideSync Installation – Windows

First ensure that the PC meets the following requirements.

32/64-bit Windows XP SP3 or higher OS [for those who asked, SideSync works perfectly with Windows 10]
Intel Pentium 1.8GHz processor or higher
1 GB of RAM
500 MB hard drive space
32-bit 1024×768 screen resolution
Installed Windows media player 11 or above
DirectX 9.0C or above for Windows XP
Windows Media Player 11 or above

Go to samsung.com/us/sidesync/ and download Windows installation file by clicking on “Download for PC with Windows.” Once the download is complete, double-click to install the software and accept the terms. The PC installation will be ready for use once installation is complete.

Samsung SideSync Installation – MAC

First ensure that your Mac meets the following requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7 or later OS
Intel 1.8GHz processor or higher
1 GB of RAM
500 MB hard drive space

Then go to http://www.samsung.com/us/sidesync/ and download Mac installation file by clicking on “Download for PC with MAC.”

Once the download is complete, double-click to install the software and accept the terms. The PC installation will be ready for use once installation is complete.

Samsung Mobile Device Requirements:

Minimum requirements for mobile device are:

Android KitKat 4.4 or higher for smartphones
Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher for tablets

Download the SideSync app from Google Play store and install.

Connecting Phone and PC via Samsung SideSync

  • Via USB Cable – If SideSync is installed on PC and smartphone, the two devices will automatically connect using a USB cable. No special configuration is required.
  • Via Wi-Fi – To connect PC and smartphone via Wi-Fi, turn on Wi-Fi on both devices and make them connect to the same access point (Wi-Fi/LAN). Then choose the devices to want to pair.

How to use Samsung SideSync / Features

With Samsung SideSync you control your phone / tablet from your desktop with total ease

With Samsung SideSync you control your phone / tablet from your desktop with total ease

Get phone notifications on your PC:

Once the PC and phone are connected, you can receive email and text notifications on your PC, respond to emails and texts from PC, check alarms, make and receive phone calls from your PC.

Using Phone / Tablet From PC

You can use your mouse and keyboard shortcuts to control your smartphone / tablet. Launch any App and use it as if you were using the phone itself. Very handy for presentation when coupled with the screen mirroring feature. You can also make phone calls on your PC using the microphone and speakers of your PC.

File sharing

SideSync enables a user to transfer files between a Samsung mobile device and the PC by just simply dragging and dropping, insert images into a Word document, and insert a file from the PC and attach it to an email or text message.

Support for RTL languages

I had fun copying Arabic text from my desktop and pasting it in the mobile phone’s apps with total ease. On the other hand, typing in Arabic while controlling the phone from the PC did not work. You may set your keyboard to Arabic, but what you’ll get is English text only.

Samsung Sidesync Verdict

Yes, there are other more professional social media tools, providing more advanced social media management techniques. Sure, if you have deep pockets, go for it. If not (i.e. like me), social media marketing is much easier (and cheaper) when you control your phone from your PC, using your trusted keyboard and rugged mouse.

A community manager will benefit from Samsung SideSync one way or the other, definitely the same goes for any digital marketing manager as well.

Update in Dec 2016 – SideSync helped me backup my data in spite of a dead screen

My Samsung Note 5 phone died on me with the Purple & Blue screen of death. Thankfully, I had SideSync installed on my Samsung phone. I used SideSync to control my phone and took a full back of all my files. I also deleted everything from my phone before sending it for repair. Once again, SideSync saved the day and become my hero once again.